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The Daily Dharma Gathering Continues!

Click the video to watch a recent talk entitled, "What is Shambhala, Anyway?"


If you want support for your meditation practice every single day, you can have it! Together with Buddhist teacher and awesome woman Susan Piver,  I’m pleased to announce a new program: daily live meditation sessions with some of the most accomplished and wise dharma teachers in the world.

We are re-launching an experiment in practicing online together daily: The Daily Dharma Gathering!

You will be offered a new meditation from a great teacher every single day. Each session will begin with a short talk followed by a 10-15 minute meditation and a brief Q&A.


You will receive:

·      A daily practice from an esteemed teacher

·      24-hour access to the most recent teaching

·      A chance to ask questions

·      Access to our private forum


On Saturdays and Sundays the live practice sessions will occur at 12 pm EST to make it easier for residents outside of the Americas to participate.


To celebrate our growing community of teachers and students, we would like to offer you the chance to participate in a free virtual retreat together. It will occur on May 10 from 10am EST – 2 pm EST and feature four of our wonderful teachers - Susan Piver, Sokuzan, angel Kyodo Williams, and me. The theme of the retreat is “Meditating on Love” and it will give us the chance to practice together more intensively and have more dialogue. Please stay tuned for further details.


The price for the Daily Dharma Gathering is $20 a month. Please click here to register. Once you do, your account will be charged automatically every 30 days, unless or until you cancel. (Please note: no partial refunds.)


We look forward to continuing this journey with you!


Love, Lodro and Susan

P.S. I'm looking forward to doing events in NYC, Denver, Toronto, Karme Choling (VT), Aspen, London and Orlando in the coming months! Check out Life as Celebration, which is a big, big honor for me. I'll be teaching alongside my root teacher, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche this May. Not to be missed!

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