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November 2016

Leaf on RockGreetings from the Collegeville Institute! Though our final writing workshop of 2016 wrapped up last week, we are already looking ahead. Visit our website to apply for 2017 summer writing workshops and keep an eye out for our off-site workshops, which will be online soon. This Thanksgiving we are thankful for you -- a great community of writers, scholars, and artists.

Here are links to our favorite articles and essays by Collegeville-affiliated writers this month.

1. Anti-refugee rhetoric has a high cost, writes Jessica Goudeau (Summer 2016) in the Washington Post.

2. Cassandra Nelson (Summer 2016) writes for Commonweal about what Flannery O'Connor meant by 'vision.'

3. "Anyone who can’t sleep knows that night is a landscape," writes Natalie Vestin (Summer 2013, 2015) in her essay Divine Infection.

4. Benjamin J. Dueholm (Summer 2014) on the late Leonard Cohen's political songs of love and hate.

5. What do Bruce Springsteen and Flannery O'Connor have in common? Their vocation, according to Angela Alaimo O’Donnell (summer workshop participant).

6. Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, former writing workshop instructor and participant, discusses voter suppression in North Carolina.

7. Michelle Francl (Summer 2014) describes "little gestures, small acts of faith, tiny martyrdoms" for Ignation Spirituality.

8. Jonathan Malesic (Summer 2016) wrote When Being "Christian" Means Supporting Trump: An Argument for Hiding your Faith for Religion Dispatches.

9. "To me, this post-election season sometimes feels apocalyptic," writes Josina Guess (Summer 2014).

10. If you are looking for a retreat but can't get away, check out Kimberly Knowle-Zeller's (Summer 2014) guide to Retreat Where You Are.

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Staff Picks

Great writers are great readers. The editors of Bearings Online share what articles they enjoyed reading this month from around the web.

Don Ottenhoff
"Don't miss this lovely tribute to Leonard Cohen, a man who wrote one of the great hymns of our time." 

-- Don Ottenhoff, Executive Director
Stina Kielsmeier-Cook
"I found these Thanksgiving reflections from Parker J. Palmer, former resident scholar at the Collegeville Institute, to be clear-eyed and hopeful.'"

-- Stina Kielsmeier-Cook, 
Digital Communications Specialist 
Betsy Johnson-Miller
"A poem by W. B. Yeats in 1919 and featured on Sightings after the election is still incredibly relevant today."

-- Betsy Johnson-Miller, Communications Associate

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by Oluwatomisin Oredein

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The Day After

The Day After

by John Hudson

The day after the US presidential election, John Hudson writes that the real work of faith is expanding our "moral imagination."


Called: The Making & Unmaking of a Nun
by Arianne Lehn

In this poetic memoir, Marge Rogers Barrett tells the story of her lifelong calling, which extends far beyond the convent she enters as a young woman.

Finding God in a MRI Tube

Finding God in a MRI Tube
by Micah Kiel

Former Resident Scholar Micah Kiel riffs on Bob Dylan when recounting his recent MRI and surgery, writing "God will be with us when the deal goes down."

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