Spend your holiday break applying for 2017 writing workshops & reading 10 links from Collegeville writers.

December 2016

Leaf on RockSnow has blanketed the Collegeville Institute and the ice on Stumpf Lake is thick enough to walk across. This Advent, we celebrated a holiday party and bid farewell to several resident scholars. As you enjoy your winter break, we hope you will apply for a 2017 writing workshop, which now include off-site options. 

Here are links to our favorite articles and essays by Collegeville-affiliated writers this month.

1. Alternative forms of living, including cohousing, are engaging millennials and challenging the church, writes Liuan Huska (Summer 2013).

2. Taylor Brorby (Summer 2014) wrote a searing letter to America in a guest editorial for Terrain.org.

3. Sick of Christmas music? Paul Luikart (Summer 2015) can commiserate. Here, he lists the five worst songs of the season.

4. In his Camino de Cancer column for UC Observer, David Giuliano (Summers 2011, 2013, and 2014) writes about meal tray communion.

5. "Is God responsible for everything?" asks Lillian Daniel, former writing workshop facilitator and participant at the Collegeville Institute.

6. Abram Kielsmeier-Jones (Summer 2016) reads his Bible and his Twitter feed side-by-side.

7. Read this review of The Virtual Body of Christ in a Suffering World, a new book by Deanna A. Thompson (Summer 2016).

8. Congratulations to Karissa Knox Sorrell (Summer 2015) who received two Pushcart Prize nominations for her poems "A Mother Brushes Her Daughter's Hair" and "Broken Egg."

9. Lydia Wylie-Kellermann (Summer 2014) shares how she learned "that there is no separation between faith and justice."

10. Most writers dread revising their work, and yet Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew (Summer 2012) declares that "revision is the most respectful approach to our writing."

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Staff Picks

Great writers are great readers. Staff from the Collegeville Institute share what articles they enjoyed reading this month from around the web.

Kathleen Cahalan"This poem by Fanny Howe, which ran on the Poetry Foundation site, is an interesting take on angels."

-- Kathleen Cahalan,
Project Director, Collegeville Institute Seminars
Stina Kielsmeier-Cook"Two great reads: a practical theology for privileged people, a new blog series by Christena Cleveland, and Writing in an Age of Doubt by Aaron Brown, which ran on Ruminate Magazine's blog."

-- Stina Kielsmeier-Cook, 
Digital Communications Specialist 
Laura Fanucci"I found hope in this essay from Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog. It spoke straight to the heart of our work on vocation in the Seminars: that the particular work we are each called to do matters deeply, and that work done well and faithfully is what, in fact, will change us and the world around us. "

-- Laura Kelly Fanucci, Research Associate

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Fracture: On Fracking in America

by Betsy Johnson-Miller

In this interview, Taylor Brorby describes the environmental costs of fracking and why he felt compelled to edit a literary anthology on the subject.

The Lamppost

The Lamppost: An Excerpt from Advent in Narnia

by Heidi Haverkamp

Narnia's lamppost is more than a light in the forest. Read the first of four excerpts from Heidi Haverkamp's book Advent in Narnia: Reflections for the Season.


Exploring Liberal Education Theologically: An Interview with William M. Sullivan
by Betsy Johnson-Miller

William M. Sullivan describes his research on the role of liberal arts education in shaping the vocation of American college students.

Finding God in a MRI Tube

Learning to Listen When Children Speak about God
by Christine Ondrla

What happens when we listen to children talk about God? Religious educator Christine Ondrla believes children can make God known to us in new ways.

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Winter Collegeville
December snow and chilly temperatures have transformed the walkway from the Butler Center to ten apartments that house resident scholars on the grounds of the Collegeville Institute.

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