Read about our first-person approach to theological discourse. 

February 2015

First-Person Faith

Our upcoming Lenten series features a number of personal vignettes from participants in our programs. Read more about the Collegeville Institute's first-person approach to theological discourse.

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A Broader Public

Interested in reaching a broader public with your writing? Join the editors of Religion Dispatches, the internet’s premier forum for thoughtful discussion of religion in the public sphere, for a summer workshop.

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Words for Worship

We are now welcoming applications for the summer writing workshop: Words for Worship: A Liturgical Writing Workshop with Michael Joncas and Susan Briehl. Come further your skill in writing for the Church!

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Dei Verbum Fifty Years Out

Join us for Vatican II and Ecumenism, Part IV. Keynote speaker Dr. Harold W. Attridge, dean of Yale Divinity School from 2002 to 2012, will reflect on the significance of Dei Verbum—Vatican II’s Constitution on Divine Revelation.

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Featured articles from Bearings Online

So Many Africas: Six Years in a Zambian Village

by Sari Fordham

Sari Fordham reviews So Many Africas: Six Years in a Zambian Village by Jill Kandel, winner of the 2014 Autumn House Nonfiction Prize, selected by Dinty W. Moore.

When it Comes to Lying, the Truth is Often Hard to Face

by John Hudson

It's hard to confess, but like Brian Williams, I know I've got a bit of Cain in me. I'm ever aware of that most human of struggles, especially when I fail or screw up.

The Voices

by Michael Dennis Browne

This poem, written for Dale Warland and the singers on the occasion of their farewell concert, is from Michael Dennis Browne's new book, The Voices (released this month by Carnegie Mellon University Press).

Humans Versus Bacteria: The Quiet War

by Lucas Mix

When Jesus says “love those who persecute you,” does he mean we should love microbes as well?

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