You’ve been to the shop. You’ve seen the stock. But who are some of the people who make Planet Vintage Girl happen? Here’s a little peek at some of the special people around here.  Be sure to check out important news about upcoming fairs and road works down below too!

                                                The Friendly Folks of PVG
Emily T
Hello, I'm Emily! I process stock, take photographs and do a little visual merchandising for PVG and also work for Insitu on its marketing. After leaving university with a degree in fine art I tried museum and gallery work but found that while being surrounded by all these incredible objects was nice... It was much more fun to be hands on and actually use them!
As technological innovation races ahead of what is intellectually fathomable for most of us, we look for comfort in the simple things around us. I think the vintage shopper finds this in the objects that provide nostalgia, either by being taken back to their own memories or by being shown a simpler era. What is great about working with PVG is that Laura selects the best in 20th C design, so no reliving those 60's decor nightmares!
June 29 & 30 Salvo Fair
Look for us at Knebworth the last weekend of June. Visit Salvo Fair to see 80 exhibitors from the UK, Belgium, France, Hungary and Italy displaying the best of their stock including a wide range of Architectural Salvage & Antiques, Reclaimed Building Materials, Garden Antiques, Retro, Vintage and Upcycled products. It’s an outdoor event with marquees in the deer park at Knebworth. We’ll have our usual mix of architectural and vintage goodies!
I am Mr. PVG, although Laura calls me 'Pack Mule'. I compliment Laura's brains with a strong back. My job is to carry vintage items for PVG when we re-stock the store or travel for vintage fairs. My vintage tastes run more towards vintage monster movies like Frankenstein and The Werewolf., although I also have a collection of vintage sports coats that are rather smart and dapper.
Laurence “Mr Insitu” Green
When I moved Insitu into its current premises, I invited Planet Vintage Girl to a share of the floor space, and I must say, it's been one of my better business decisions. PVG perfectly complements Insitu's architectural slant. Laura’s flair for design and her eye for those individual pieces work really well with the stock in a salvage business.  For my customers this is fantastic. People wander in looking for doors and fireplaces and often leave with a lovely retro vase, clock or set of horns...delighted with finding such wonderful source of vintage shopping.
Laurie B
I began my role as the website consultant and PVG social media guru while living in Manchester back in 2009. I loved my duties so much I took them with me on a year long "working holiday" to Glasgow and then all the way to my hometown in Pittsburgh USA, where I am now based. We skype every week!  I have an MA in Art History and Visual Cultures from University of Manchester and enjoy zombie films immensely.
Laura G
Running Planet Vintage Girl is loads of fun, but I sure couldn't do it without the support of some special people! This crowd are great folk, and I love what they contribute: Laurence for his unending energy, Laurie for her calm can-do approach, Emily for her cheerful helpfulness and David for listening to me worry at the end of the day or recount the details of a unique vintage find. Ya'll great!
That's the news from Planet Vintage Girl! Be sure to check us out online, or stop by sometime and say hello!

Street and Utility Works near
Planet Vintage Girl

United Utilities continues Phase 2 of the £7m filtering system of the Victorian water works that lie underneath the Chester Road. This will improve the quality of storm water entering the Bridgewater Canal – something we appreciate as avid walkers along the Canal and river. The industrial past of Manchester is quite inspiring. But, it does mean further disruption to the streets around our Chester Road location.

In sum:
Hulme Hall Road will be closed for the immediate future. Ellesmere Street returns to being a two-way street linking Chester Road and the Ring Road. There will no longer be street parking directly behind the shop. We appreciate the hassle this creates for our customers, so we’ve included a map of some of our favorite parking spots. Of course, if you need to pick up or deliver a large item, we’ll assist you on the day. PVG recommends street parking on Trentham Street, Runcorn Street, Manson Avenue, and Malt Street.
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