April 27 -  New Practice Videos and a Video Assignment! (Week #6)

Zoom Chats
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or use Meeting #: 607 360 171 and password: 010747
Please tune your instrument before class! Tuning advice is below.

Wed 6:00-6:30 *Beginner Violin class
Wed 6:30-7:00 *Junior Orchestra
Wed 7:00-7:30 Senior Orchestra and Chamber Strings
Wed 7:30-8:00 Adult Strings
No Guitar Chats this week - do check YouTube for your practice videos though! We will regroup next week.

Online Practice Videos and Sheet Music

New music has been posted in the YouTube playlists below. Keep practicing the old music, too. Links to the sheet music/writing homework assignments can be found in the comments to the videos.
Beginner Violin Class
Junior Orchestra
Beginner Guitar
Senior Guitar

Video Homework Assignment

For Senior/Chamber/Adult violinists, violists and cellists:
1. Please make a video recording of you performing the melody part to Imagine. Try to get a clear shot of your face and your instrument. You should play along to our Week 3 Imagine video to make sure we are all in sync (use earbuds/headphone if you'd like). Smile and wave at the end for 5 seconds!
2. Submit your video to me by email via WeTransfer. You do not need to download an app to do this, it's very simple. Just add my email address: and attach your file and hit send.

Would you like to be involved? Simply take a 10 second video of you holding your instrument and saying this sentence: "I love playing violin because...." (add your own reason!)

Tuning Help

Is your instrument out of tune?
1. Download a free app on your phone or tablet which will listen to you strum the strings and give you a reading (like an odometer) to help guide you in tuning the strings. For violin, violas and cello, use the fine tuners near the bottom of the violin or cello ONLY not the large pegs found near the scroll! It is very easy to snap the strings when turning the larger pegs! If you MUST use the tuning pegs, watch a tutorial video first or consider option 2:
2. If your family is healthy, I am open to arranging an appointment for you to drop off your instrument at the front door of the studio and wait while I tune it for you. Broken strings are $5 each to replace (violin/viola/guitar) or $10 each (cello). If the strings are not broken, tuning help is free.
3. I also have electronic tuners with metronome for sale that I can deliver to your home for $20 if you would prefer a hand-held tuner over an app for ease of use.

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