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Youth Pastor Overcomes
Adversity to Receive Degree

Rev. Steven Ocasio is an ordained minister currently serving as youth pastor at Lighthouse Church of God in Deltona, Florida under Pastor Jose Gonzalez. On Friday, May 7, 2021, he shared the following testimony with his fellow students prior to receiving his degree from Lee University:

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‘Day of Tears’ Resolution Sails Through Louisiana Senate

Senate Concurrent Resolution 38 (SCR 38), designating January 22, 2022 as the Day of Tears in Louisiana, passed the senate yesterday unanimously.

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‘My Little Lamb’ Continues to Bring Good News to Children

The makers of My Little Lamb™ have revised the sound and content of their stuffed animal audio Bible player. The latest version of My Little Lamb™ with updated and additional content is now available for purchase online at and on Amazon. This comes after they took into consideration the valued feedback from their family of users and decided to implement some of the suggestions received, such as a variety of male and female voices reading selected books of the Bible.

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