San Francisco Transportation Plan Project Update
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The San Francisco County Transportation Authority is launching an interactive online budget tool today that puts you in charge of San Francisco’s transportation investments.

Repaving city streets, building better bike lanes, providing new or enhanced Muni, BART or Caltrain service, or improving pedestrian safety are just a few of the many needs in San Francisco. How should we spend our limited transportation dollars?

We want to hear from you!

Visit the budget tool today to share your priorities about how to improve transportation in your neighborhood, in your city, and in the region as a whole.

Your input will be used to develop the next San Francisco Transportation Plan, the City’s transportation investment strategy for the next 30 years. And, you’ll be entered to win some transportation funding of your own—a $50 Clipper card!

You Decide

The San Francisco Transportation Plan will propose ways to achieve big goals with our transportation system: a more livable city, a healthy environment, world class infrastructure, and economic competitiveness in the region. It's about improving transportation options in your neighborhood, for your business, and on your street to create a healthier, livelier San Francisco.

Pie chart shows breakdown of transportation dollars through 2040Between now and 2040, the city is expected to have $64 billion to spend on these goals. Of that, $52 billion is the bare minimum needed to run buses and trains, repave streets, and generally maintain our transportation system in its current state.  Another $9 billion is reserved for specific projects that are already underway.

That leaves $3 billion to spend on all of our other needs: new service to alleviate transit crowding and support new residents and jobs; more maintenance to improve the level of repair of our streets, trains and buses; and new transportation projects, enhancements, and programs.

Tell us how you would prioritize these funds by creating your own transportation investment plan at

For more information

Visit the San Francisco Transportation Plan website to learn more about how to participate in the planning process or to learn about outreach events taking place around town at

Contact the project team at or by calling 415. 593.1670 to request a presentation for your neighborhood group or business.

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