Do your clients blame The Universe?
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Do YOUR Clients Sabotage their Careers and Blame The Universe?

For Your Clients, Please Pass Along:
The very best way of getting in front of casting directors and ultimately directors and producers more, is to be so alive, spontaneous, surprising and real when you do get an audition, that we, who hire you, can’t forget you. If you don’t get out on auditions enough – don’t squander the auditions you get!

If you hardly ever go out on auditions, get coached for the ones you do get! There are always excuses why actors don’t invest in themselves -- but what career can you have without investing in it?

When opportunity comes, get coached for it! At the very least you are making a new contact who will respect and remember your work. Yes, success can come quickly, but it’s best to think long term, that’s how careers are built. 

Also, stay in class so you are always at the top for your game. Money is the biggest excuse for not doing these two important things, but there are others as well, such as, time and even feeling discouraged, but to be successful you have to get out of that crap thinking and be on your own side and the side of succeeding.

In an actor’s life there are always going to be times when you are flush with success and down times. Staying on top of your game is essential. Actors don’t know when that big opportunity is going to come. An audition for a lead in a TV series, or a great role in a film can come when you least expect it.

Actors will take an expensive 6 week course in cold reading for example and 10 months later they get the biggest audition of their lives and have an afternoon to prepare for it, but they are not at the top of their game the way they were 10 months earlier.  

It’s better to take an on-going class. It’s like acting yoga, it keeps you facile and ready all the time. (In the class I teach you are up and working all the time. Working four times per class and being in front of camera twice each and every class takes all the paralyzing nerves away.)

Human beings find lots of ways to sabotage themselves from success, but actors especially, do this unconsciously a lot. If you’re serious about making acting your career, yet you aren’t in a class and doing the other things necessary for whatever excuse, you may be a hobbyist. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you are honest with yourself about it...READ MORE!

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A feature film writer-director and "lover of teaching," Katt has been honored by retrospectives of five of her critically acclaimed films at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, The British Film Institute in London and various festivals throughout Europe. Read more...
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