How To  Make Rejection NOT Exist



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Hear me out ... THIS IS REALLY GOOD

It's such a great time to be an actor because, if done correctly, you have more control over your destiny than ever.

I wish it had been this way when I was auditioning.

YOU now control your lighting, environment, your set, whether you stand or sit, the size of your shot and how many takes you get! You can get coached while you're recording and send in a professional level performance every time.

In the old days, you had to show up at a certain (probably inconvenient) time, fight traffic, find parking in a busy part of town, stress out over your competition in a waiting room, deal with rushed fellow humans who may be rude and other distractions.
Perhaps you had to take off work or get a babysitter, maybe worry about sweat or anxiety ruining the audition you carefully prepared for.

Now, it is so much easier! AND THE PAIN OF REJECTION IS SO MUCH LESS. It's not so personal because you know it's your JOB to make these recordings and send them in, it's not about being judged as a human and given 3 minutes to prove yourself.

When done well in your own environment, you have the confidence that you've done your best most professional job. Though it will always be difficult not to get the job, you know that you've put your best foot forward... AND THAT WILL PAY OFF.

Here's what actors don't know. I, and directors like me, don't always hire the best actor who read for the role.

Sometimes we simply can't hire the person who did the best job, perhaps they are too tall, the wrong color, too young, etc ... but that great reading you did sticks with me.

I appreciate a great reading so much that I request the actors audition for other projects AND SO DOES THE CD. So by doing a great job you are paving the way for future parts.

Every opportunity to act is a stepping stone toward what you want AND you have the recording to show (if allowed) to others looking for a similar character or simply to impress your agent or manager so they know what you can do and are confident to send you out for more, making them look good!

So be good to yourself and learn to do great self tapes.

Katt Shea
feature film director

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