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What is Your GPA?

The process of creating and evaluating a Capability Statement can be overwhelming. It is easy to get bogged down by the details and information you need to include and forget important components. At TargetGov we have developed a specialized method of evaluating Capability Statements – The Capability Statement Grader.

In the TargetGov grading process, we break down Capability Statements into five sections and evaluate each one individually. The statements are evaluated based on Company Information and basic layout, Core Competencies, Past Performance, Differentiators, and Company Data. These sections are broken down into a set criteria to ensure all important information is included. We advise our clients to focus on these key categories and leave out the rest.

 People often ask why this format and categories are so important. The government is looking for a key sets of information in a clear easy to read format. They are also accustomed to reading statements laid out in a certain way. If your Capability Statement makes it easy for them to find the information they are looking for in a format they are used to, you are more likely to be remembered and not discarded.

A Capability Statement serves as a door-opener and having the information the officials are looking for is crucial. Learn more about the TargetGov Capability Statement Grader and other Capability Statement products and services here.

Rock Your Capability Statement: 3 Ways to make it work for you

Creating an effective, accurate,  and compelling Capability Statement requires a lot of time and effort.  Once they are done, they are your tool.  You can use each one to your advantage!  Here are just three ways get the most return for your effort and to revenue generation.

Capability Briefings
A briefing is one of the primary purposes of putting together a Capability Statement.  By reaching out to decision-makers with your Capability Statement, you are able to secure briefings and really sell your solutions to the government.

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TargetGov In Action

March 20, 2015
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March 16-19, 2015
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