Newsletter- July 1, 2015- Volume 8 Issue 11
Networking Success
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Gloria Larkin TargetGov

Know-How + Know-Who = Networking Success

By Gloria Larkin

Why is personal networking still the key to being successful? In this day and age of instant messaging and instant access networking may seem a thing of the past- for the dinosaurs of the business age. Networking is your opportunity to have an exchange of ideas, successes and leads that nurtures and enhances your professional life.  Business relationships are built on rapport, responsibility and respect all of which are built over time not in an instant.
This type of relationship does not usually happen just by meeting once and exchanging business cards or LinkedIn profiles.  It takes a little time to get to know what each person has to offer and, even more importantly, to learn what you can offer them. Many people forget that networking is a quid pro quo arrangement.  In order to get, you have to give.

Some people say they don not go to networking functions anymore because they never got anything out of it.  In these cases they probably did not give much either. What can you “give” at a networking function? Use your imagination and, of course, your connections. You’ll be surprised how often you can help someone out just by listening to them, because they will usually tell you about a problem they are having.  Your resulting referral or suggestion may not get you business today, but the more often you help someone solve a problem, the more often they think of you and want to return the favor. People who are successful at networking actually enjoy giving to others, and they build invaluable contacts in the process.

View the next mixer as a chance to meet interesting people, make a new friend, visit with some old friends, learn something new and maybe increase your income.  You have many opportunities at networking functions sponsored by your Chamber of Commerce, Business Exchanges; PTAC’s and listed in your local Business Journal or trade papers.  Most organizations welcome visitors at every meeting, mixer or breakfast.  It is not necessary to join every group to attend their functions.
Remember, this is the time for you to have Face Time in Real Time- personal connections that can build your business and your reputation.

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