Can You Hear Me Now? Are You Really Listening?
Newsletter December 16, 2105 Volume 8 Issue 20
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Are You Really Listening?

By Jenny Bonilla

This time of year is filled with much activity- company celebrations, business open houses and informal get-togethers with friends and family gatherings.  All of this on top of our normal schedules that contain routine meetings in our companies, client interactions and day to day business communication.  It is no wonder that we seem to be overloaded on many levels.  But in all of these increased interactions one thing remains constant - our need and expectations by those around us to be actively engaged in the moment.

Active listening is partially defined as the act of mindfully hearing and attempting to comprehend the meaning of words spoken by another in a conversation or speech. This skill seems ever more important in our sound byte-tweet-filled world.  We have windows into others’ lives through social media, websites, and YouTube but when it comes to face to face encounters how actively engaged are you?  The art of active listening is especially top of mind this season. If you listen; people generally tell you what they need and want from you.  You can make new connections, link colleagues and acquaintances, or help a client through an issue by staying engaged during your interaction.  The ability to follow through may rest in your silence.  Interestingly enough one of the best on-line sites I found for tapping my active listening was at the State Departments Teen site that you can find here

Practice makes perfect so “hear” is to your success.

The Government Contracting Institute is informative, encourages open communication, and provides real world examples from educated and experienced instructors. Since attending, I have won three prime contracts. I attribute this success directly to applying what I learned here.”  B. Belknap

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REAs and CDA Claims: Key Strategies in Seeking Compensation 
After you’ve secured your Federal government contract award, what comes next? As any Federal contractor will tell you, the contract award is only the beginning. The FAR and its supplementary regulations impose a host of obligations on contractors, and can impact the ways in which a contractor performs a contract. These rules and regulations also dictate the ways in which those contractors can seek compensation for unanticipated costs incurred on the job. In this webinar, we explore Requests for Equitable Adjustment, Claims, and the differences between the two. As we walk you through the Contract Disputes Act process, you will also learn how to maximize your chance of success when making claims against the Federal government.

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Don't Get Taken For A Ride-

In this party and travel filled season getting there is more than half the battle.  With so many options available UBER is one that pops up time and again- we use it frequently. This recent article from Yahoo travel highlights some things to be on the lookout for when you use UBER- it was eye-opening.

Annie Pho, Latonya Holloway, and Andrea Tatum all have one thing in common: A mysterious Uber bill. The three users had seemingly normal experiences with the ride-hailing app the night before, but then awoke to large bills with strange claims. 
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Kudos to Diane Griffin President & CEO of Security First & Associates named as a 2015-2016 VIP Woman of the Year by the The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW).

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