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Written 9/12/13

This week's poignant reminders of the violation to our nation twelve years ago and the deeply personal stories that resonate with us still stopped me dead in my tracks late last evening. The day was busy including a drive on the DC beltway, sharing the road with some of the thousands of motorcyclists flooding DC, seeing flag wavers on overpasses and even some quiet discussion about "where we all were when" and that we cannot believe it is 12 long years ago that every life was forever changed.

What stopped me to stillness was a show on TV as I was preparing to wrap up my day and go to sleep. It was a show about the rebuilding of ground zero in NY, the new building going up, the memorial outside and the museum inside.

Seeing the gigantic twisted steel pieces, crumped by forces far beyond our understanding, alongside first responder fire truck remains with individual shoes of victims and survivors alike highlighting the human, the personal cost was still too much to bear. As I shed tears and continued to watch, a single voice could be heard--a family survivor talking about how much it meant to not just remember and honor, but to rebuild, and build stronger and aware, to move ahead with resolve, to heal and still never forget.

As we do move forward, may we each find the strength we need, when it is needed most. May we share with each other the resolve to make our world a better place, starting right here at home and reaching out to each other to give a hand up. That's what happened 12 years ago--a few people on flight 93 stepped up as every day heroes and saved countless others,  hundreds at the Pentagon and thousands in NY helped each other get through the horror, step by unbelievable step.

We are strong, especially working together. Strip away the labels and colors, and you have us. You have U.S.

Here's to your success, may you celebrate everything you envision. Now let's get back to business.


Gloria Berthold Larkin
President, TargetGov
443-543-5067 or 1-866-579-1346

The Government Contracting Institute is back for a fall-winter semester of enriching, federal business building courses. Each class is taught by industry experts and designed with student participation. Check out the schedule below for the series of classes designed to help you see more business in the federal space, mitigate risk and remain compliant with rules and regulations. For more information on these classes visit


Oct 15   
 Federal Contracting Gap Analysis 

Oct 22    Government Business Strategies: Adapting to A $500 Billion New Normal 

Nov 6      Updated Government Marketing Processes & Tactics

Nov 20    The Art of Capture and Government Sales in 2014 

Dec 4      Government Sales Boot Camp: From Theory to Practice 


Jan 8       Navigating the GSA Schedule System

Jan 22     Proposal Writing Tools for Success

Feb 5      Fundamental Contracts & Project Management

Feb 19    Essential Accounting Components

Mar 5      Clarifying Legal Requirements

Mar 19     Demystifying Security Clearances

April 2      Leveraging Socioeconomic Certifications
Speaking Engagements
Lorman Audio Conference: How to Sell Services and Products to the U.S. Government and Military
October 8

Veteran Institute for Procurement (VIP)
October 15 - 17
Potomac, MD

Center Club Government Contracting Group Breakfast
October 23
Baltimore, MD

The Post-Snowden Contractor Challenge Webcast

Tuesday, September 17, 2:00 PM 
Presented by Washington Technology

The Snowden scandal has raised contractor awareness of internal protocol, cybersecurity, and the need for client assurance – but where do you start? Register for the free webcast to discuss best practices and a security checklist for contractors working with high-security clearance clients. What can contractors do to assure the client? What legal options are available to protect your company and contract? How can you work within government security authorizations effectively? And how do you build a culture of organizational compliance? Click here to register.

Win or Lose: Take Advantage of the Proposal Debriefing
Thursday, September 19, 1:00 - 2:30 pm 

Join Lorman Education Services and Gloria Larkin for a live webinar that will give you a thorough preparation process before the debriefing, instructions how to ask for and get a face-to-face meeting with the people who can give the vendor the best insight into their RFP response, how the agency scored them, and how to improve then responses to future opportunities. Vendors who use the debriefing process effectively can use it to build more business, save business and build relationships with the selection committees.

Learning Objectives:

  • You will be able to discuss the purpose of debriefings.
  • You will be able to identify how debriefings are conducted.
  • You will be able to review ratings examples.
  • You will be able to explain evaluations comparison.
  • You will know the deadlines and process to to actually get a debriefing

Strategic Sourcing: What it Means for Your Small Business

A webinar by Give Me 5, a WIPP partnership focuses in on strategic sourcing, and the potential impacts on small businesses’ bottom line. "Strategic sourcing”--a procurement method centered on government-wide cost effectiveness instead of diversity of suppliers or best value.

Robert Burton (Venable LLP) reviewed the history, benefits and risks of strategic sourcing on the webinar. While the strategy has been used since 2005, it only applied to a few commodities and was never mandated agency-wide. In an effort to maximize cost savings, some Administration officials and Members of Congress are advocating a required use of strategic sourcing for federal agencies. This policy could come at the expense of small businesses. Mandated strategic sourcing, Mr. Burton suggested, will reduce competition because it limits the number of companies that can be selected.Small businesses are likely to bear the brunt of this change from offering best value to lowest cost.

To learn more about strategic sourcing and to view the presentation click here. To listen to the podcast click here.
The Government Marketplace as the Year End Approches

In an interview with Michael Keating of Government Product News, Gloria Larkin shares her views of the government marketplace as fiscal year 2013 winds down. She discusses the unique environment of this fiscal year along with what forward thinking businesses can do. Read the entire interview and watch a short video here.
The Snowden Case Highlights Security Clearances
By: Gloria Larkin
Published By: 
The Business Monthly

No matter what side of the table one is on regarding Edward Snowden, the Booz Allen Hamilton employee known for exposing the National Security Agency’s (NSA) widespread phone and Internet watching programs, understanding the issue of security clearances is important for business people and taxpayers alike.

As a knowledge baseline, there are essentially three categories of clearances: Confidential, Secret and Top Secret.

Confidential denotes that the unauthorized disclosure of certain information or material could reasonably be expected to cause damage to the national security.

Secret is applied to information or material that, when disclosed in an unauthorized manner, could reasonably be expected to cause serious damage to the national security.
Read the rest of the article here.
Wednesday, October 23
7:30- 9:30 am

This dynamic discussion will be led by Kier Bancroft, Esq., Venable, LLC and Morris Levine, President of MBL Associates LLC.

The Snowden affair has brought question of individual privacy, the spectre of “1984” and an Orwellian government, a universe of cyber concerns, and Fourth Amendment constitutional rights and protection to the fore and to the great concern of a large number of American citizens. This breakfast discussion will address whether if in today’s world, individual privacy is largely a myth. And does fallout of the post-Snowden era have the potential to create new business opportunities with government and the general commercial market?
Cost: $30 IntraClub Members, $35 Center Club Members, $50 Non-Members
Please send RSVP by October 21st before noon to

Parking in the building is available for Center Club Members Only. The public 100 Light Street Garage is one block north of the Club and accessible from Light or East Lombard Streets. You will need to show photo ID to enter the building.
100 Light Street, 16th Floor â–ª Baltimore, MD 21202 410-727-7788 â–ª

Government Contracting Institute 
Accelerate Business: Federal Contracting Gap Analysis Class

Tuesday, October 15
8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Are you seeing the results you want in the federal market? Can your company increase market share and accelerate revenues in 2014?

If a company does not make the best use of current resources, does not adapt to changing market drivers, limits its knowledge base, or forgoes investment in resources, capital, technology or people, it will produce or perform below its potential.

This practical, bottom-line focused class will help your company to see its potential for success in the federal market place. Topics covered include positing gap, marketing process gap, and competitor gap. All attendees will receive an exclusive private Federal Contracting Market Score detailing how your company appears to the federal decision-makers, team members, prime and subcontractors.

For more information and to register for this class, click here.
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