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"We forget the little things, so it's no wonder some of us screw up the big things." Neil Cavuto

Each year the U.S. Federal Government spends over $40 Billion purchasing services and products through GSA Schedules, making it a lucrative contract to hold. But getting a GSA schedule can be a daunting process made up of lots of little things- finding the right Schedule for you, compiling and submitting for your Schedule and then negotiating the Schedule.  A GSA Schedule Contract can put your company on the map and the little details can help yo
u stand out among all of the other applicants.

The GSA Schedules-focused aspect of TargetGov’s FAST™ Process helps companies see more success by obtaining a GSA Schedule and using it to sell to the federal government.

We excel with the little things- so that you won't miss out on the big thing. Contact us today.
House Advances Bill to Curb Contract Bundling- Gloria Larkin, a member of WIPP, Testified before Congress regarding the impact of ‘Bundling’ on small businesses.
10.10.13 How Contract Bundling Create Impediments to Small Business Success
Gloria Larkin TargetGov

Venable Speaks to GSA Radical Shifts

GSA Proposes Radical Shift in Price Reduction Clause

Few regulations governing federal contractors cause as much consternation as 48 CFR § 552.238-75, or as it is more commonly known, the Price Reduction Clause (PRC). On March 4, the General Services Administration (GSA) requested industry feedback on proposed changes to the PRC that would significantly change contractor responsibilities under the PRC, as well as how the government uses the PRC to ensure that it receives the best possible pricing. Contractors holding government-wide Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) and non-FSS contracts should pay close attention to GSA’s proposal and take advantage of this opportunity for dialogue with the government.

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