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A Note From TargetGov

 by Gloria Larkin

Seeing Results or Wasting Time

While our everyday lives are complicated by inevitable challenges like winter weather, cranky cars or recalcitrant relationships, keeping focused on your goals right now will pay off.
Why do some firms (and people) experience success when others get derailed? Keeping your eye on the goal, envisioning that success and committing to results no matter what obstacles present themselves is the secret to success. It is a myth that successful people are successful only because they are lucky. Instead, that “luck” is created through consistent and dogged, perhaps even relentless focus and active pursuit of one’s goals.
I was reminded of this just yesterday, after a challenging conversation with someone who was adept at creating ad hoc roadblocks to his own success—and I dare say, most of those roadblocks are actually self-imposed. His focus on the complications and hurdles is keeping him mired in the thought process of “why it is too difficult to succeed.” Unfortunately, this mindset affects not just his own life, but everyone around him. If he instead expended that same energy focusing on his goals, dealing with and using those hurdles as building blocks, his success would actually have a fighting chance.
I have lived this, have you? You are right, it is not easy to do. Sometimes moving forward may seem, or even be, impossible. Taking a step to the side or backward or even falling down may be the only immediate alternative. But when you can open your eyes, look to your goal. You’ll see that perhaps your perspective has changed and a new path is open.
Let’s move out of the blame game and instead connect with other like-minded people who are willing to invest in their success, their future. Are you?
What are your goals? For yourself, your work, your business? Share them with me, I’d love to know. Prefer to send it anonymously? That works too. Mail a postcard to Gloria Larkin; TargetGov,  at 5520 Research Park Dr, Ste. #100; Baltimore MD 21228. We will post them on our wall (literally) and website (electronically).
We are here to help you in business--to plan, position, pursue and see the success you envision in the federal marketplace. Call, email, send smoke signals. We are here.
Here’s to your success,

What's Inside?

A Note From TargetGov

What's New at the Government Contracting Institute

An Overview of Socioeconomic Certifications

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Upcoming Events


2015 Essential Accounting Updates for Federal Contractors

Take a fresh look at your federal accounting practices.  Increased competition, cuts in overall spending, and changes in compliance requirements have made it essential to be at the top of your game. Regardless of your experience with federal accounting, this class will provide new and updated information and strategies to increase your understanding of government contract accounting. You will gain the knowledge to implement a solid accounting system earning your company a competitive advantage. Class trainers from Aronson LLC, a leading financial advisor to government contractors, will share expertise, advice, and best practices to solve your federal accounting challenges and reduce your audit risk.
Date: February 11, 2015
Time: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm, Doors open at 8:00 am. Breakfast will be provided.
Cost: $595
Credits: 7 CPEs, 0.7 CEUs, NCMA-certified and accepted by other organizations.

5 Steps to Obtain Decision-maker Meetings
Getting a meeting with a decision maker is a critical key to success in the federal marketplace. Workshop attendees will be able to identify the actual decision-makers for a target agency and opportunity, discuss how many decision-makers may be involved in the purchasing process, when in the buying cycle you can actually meet (and the supporting FAR proof), and what topics can and cannot be discussed. This workshop covers defense and civilian government agencies as well as the intelligence sector. In addition to agencies, we also cover meetings with prime and general contractors and potential teaming partners. The workshop wraps up with after-the-meeting follow-up best practices. You’ll be instructed by the TargetGov team, who are national experts in federal marketing.

Date: March 4, 2015
Time: 8:30 am- 12:00 pm Doors open at 8:00 am. Breakfast will be provided.
Cost: $297
Credits: 3 CPE, 0.3 CEU, NCMA-certified and accepted by other organizations.

For more information and to register click here

The Institute offers contracting professionals the opportunity to receive instruction from industry leaders on topics that will help your company fast-track market entry.

For complete listing of our  course selections and more information on the Government Contracting Institute classes click here.


An Overview of Socioeconomic Certifications

    by Ben Souder, Communications Specialist     

The government is mandated to set-aside 23% of all federal contracting dollars to small businesses, under which the various socioeconomic certifications fall. These socioeconomic certifications are: Small Business, Women-Owned Small Business, Veteran-Owned/Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, 8(a) Program, and HUBZone. Socioeconomic certifications can provide businesses with a competitive advantage in the federal marketplace and it is important to become familiar with them and their qualifications to better understand competition.

A set-aside contract is one that only vendors with those specific socioeconomic certifications may bid as prime contractors. In Fiscal Year 2014 the federal government spent $91.5 Billion on small business contract awards. This competitive advantage of set-aside contracts can be a real boon to small businesses who are struggling to break into the federal marketplace.

Below is a short overview of the different types of socioeconomic certifications along with helpful links for determining if your company is eligible.

Small Business
There is no formal certification process for the category of “small” businesses. In order to be considered a “small business” it is entirely dependent on the size standard of the NAICS codes your company chooses. For a comprehensive list of the size standards for all NAICS codes (updated July 14, 2014) take a look at this PDF from the Small Business Administration.

Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
There are a few organizations that provide approved third-party certification for Women-Owned Small Businesses, and a list of these organizations can be found here. WOSB certification requires that your business be considered small and that the primary owner of the business is a woman. Recent legislative changes have given WOSB certified businesses sole-source ability on federal contracts, however, it will take some time for the required rules and regulations to promulgate.

Veteran-Owned/Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can verify (but not certify) a Veteran-Owned or Service-Disabled-Veteran Owned Small Business through the website Currently, only the VA has sole-source ability for Veteran-Owned or SDVOSB Certified businesses.

8(a) Program
The 8(a) Program assists in the development of small companies owned and operated by individuals who are social and economically disadvantaged. Once a company becomes a part of the 8(a) Program they will automatically graduate in nine years and lose any ability to further win contracts under this particular set-aside. So be sure you’re ready to plan, position, and pursue federal business prior to becoming certified.

The HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zone) Program aims to stimulate economic growth and development in urban and rural communities. To qualify for HUBZone Certification a company must have its headquarters physically located within a HUBZone (click here for a map) and 35% of its employees must reside in a HUBZone.

To read more by Ben or to follow his upcoming blogs click here

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