Newsletter- July15,2015 Volume 8 Issue 12
The End is Coming
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Gloria Larkin TargetGov

The End is Coming....

Right now, we are in the midst of the biggest spending push of the year for the federal government market. The final or fourth quarter of the year runs from July 1 to September 30. During this time period the government spends over 30 percent of the year’s budget. While many private sector companies are slowing down for a long, sluggish summer, the savvy government vendors are actually going full speed ahead during the summer months with targeted, aggressive marketing and sales campaigns to go after the federal end of year spending rush.

Are your SAM and SBA Profiles up to Snuff?
by Ben Souder

Your System for Award Management (SAM) and Small Business Administration (SBA) profiles are critical elements in the federal contracting marketplace. 

How well do your profiles stand up to scrutiny? If you’re anything like the 186 randomly selected businesses TargetGov evaluated profiles for – the outlook is not so good. Of the 186 companies we sampled, 19 were stellar, 31 needed work, and 136 were subpar.

Don’t miss opportunities for growth in the federal market. Take action and seek TargetGov’s professional consultation, learn ways to stand out and be perceived as the strong successful company that you have worked to achieve.

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Increased 4th Quarter spending by the government is no myth.  We tracked federal contract obligations by fiscal quarter through the Federal Procurement Data System to get a real picture of what that spending looks like. Quarter 4 spending jumps as much as 15% over other quarters- this means procurement officers have funds they need to match with contractors.
5 Habits of People Who Always Get Promoted
Fast Company

Most of us have had that coworker that seemed to be a perfect fit for the company or team. She always had the right answers. He seemed to know what needed to be done before the company leaders even did. And that "sixth sense" and insight was rewarded with responsibility, autonomy, accolades and advancement. The good news is that becoming a super-employee isn't some rarified secret.

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Plan and position your company to take advantage of the surge in spending by attending this On-Demand webinar. You’ll learn how to identify agencies that are buying your products and services, how to get in front of the decision makers. We’ll discuss business development strategies by teaming and subcontracting, followed up with marketing tools, tactics and strategies, and mistakes to avoid.
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