“Help, My Eyeball is Bigger than My Wrist!”

“Help, My Eyeball is Bigger than My Wrist!”: Gender Dimorphism in Frozen
Just when I was wondering what the body dimensions of the supposedly-human characters were, the script conveniently supplied the dimorphism money-shot: hand-in-hand romantic leads, with perfect composition for both eye-size and hand-size comparisons

Are Investors Too Optimistic About DreamWorks Animation?
Morgan Stanley analyst Benjamin Swinburne thinks so, sticking with his bearish case today following a year when the studio’s stock soared 114% to $35.50.


This Disney lingerie will make you feel like a princess
Found in the Disney Fantasy Shop at Bellemaison, an online retailer in Japan, these bras will make any girl feel like a princess.

DreamWorks Animation Launches Tablet for Kids with Fuhu
The DreamTab will enable the animation studio to create educational materials for kids while promoting its characters.

The Biggest Problem with the Legend of Korra is the Unlikability of its Characters
One of the main reasons why Avatar: The Last Airbender succeeded was due to the likability of its characters. They were charming, they had good relations with one another and they were developed well throughout the course of each season.

Simpsons Pirate Ordered to Pay Fox $10.5 Million in Damages
A lawsuit against a man who ran websites which linked to episodes of The Simpsons and Family Guy has ended in the most expensive way possible.

NATO's John Fithian: Hollywood, Fix the 2014 Movie Calendar (Guest Column)
Can a blockbuster launch in October? "Gravity" did, argues the top advocate for theater owners, who pleads for a year-round schedule of tentpoles.

Disruption “In Our Face” — Iger on Why Disney Needs Tech Heavies on Board More Than Ever
Just before the end of 2013, Disney named well-known Silicon Valley player Jack Dorsey — he of the perfect selfie – to the board of the entertainment giant.

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