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From Fr. Laurence Freeman: Dearest Friends, January 1997 WCCM International Newsletter

Meditation is about living in the moment of Christ as John Main understood so deeply.  It is not about thinking of Christ as he was or how he will come again but about being with Christ now and being transformed. This is not a static historical moment, but a flowing, a flowering and an unfolding of the mystery of Being itself. . . 

To practice meditation is the only way to learn what meditation means and how its meaning is much more than it may seem to those who want to get something short-term out of it; and much more than those who think that by meditating they are making something happen.  By learning to meditate we come to understand how we should say the mantra and the way we say the mantra is very much the way we are, the way we love and the way we love day by day.

We should say the mantra without impatience, without force or any intention of violence.  The purpose of the mantra is not to block out thoughts.  It is not a jamming device.  If thoughts attack us while we are meditating we turn the other check.  In saying the mantra gently we learn from the one who is gentle and humble of heart. . .

Our lives will, day by day, become the commentary on our prayer.  Our prayer will then no longer consist in endlessly commenting on our lives.  We will ourselves permanently have become prayer. . . 

After meditation:  Kabir, “The River of Love” in TIMELESS WISDOM, ed. Eknath Easwaran (Tomales, CA: Nilgiri Press, 2008), p. 201.  

The River of Love

I am a citizen of that kingdom
Where reigns the Lord in all glory;
Neither pain nor pleasure cast their shadows
Where the sun of joy never sets.

I am a citizen of that kingdom
Where every day is a day of celebration;
The river of love overflows its banks,
And the lotus blooms in the devotee’s hearts.

I am a citizen of that kingdom
Where shines the Lord as the source of light,
And lights the lamp of wisdom in my heart
To burn without oil, without wick.

Carla Cooper

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