Thursday 5th Week Lent


Jn 8:51-59: before Abraham came to be, I AM

The world’s most powerful digital camera is being constructed in the Andes to photograph the invisible – galaxies up to eight billion light years away. It is part of a project to discover the ‘dark universe’ of energy that science cannot understand. The existing standard model explaining the cosmos is generally accepted now to be incomplete and unsatisfying.

The exploration of dark matter involves the search for new ‘super-particles’ which, it is imagined, can pass through ordinary matter without any perceived interaction. This means that even the deepest parts of inter-galactic space may be found to exist in an all-pervasive energy field different from anything known so far. Scientists are exploring the possibility of multiple universes each of which has a different law of physics. At the Big Bang, which brought time and space into existence, equal amounts of matter and anti-matter came into existence. The same scientists are wondering where the other half of the universe is hiding.

The most rational and scientific minds in the world that are engaged in this research are thrilled by sailing on the edge of these new continents of knowledge. The way of unknowing is always the way to deeper gnosis, fuller knowing. ‘To know it, though it is beyond knowledge,’ as St Paul said about the mystery of God revealed in Christ.

We need all the updated metaphors we can get to help us move towards this receding horizon which we cross in silence. The silence of the great I AM. Then we discover, no doubt, that what is eight billion light years away and which we can only know as the ‘past’ is, no less, here and now.

What an exciting reason to be making our own exploration of the truth in our daily meditation. How interesting to think of the scriptures as the coded map on this journey.
With love
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