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I hope you have been having a relaxing summer, and enjoyed the weather?

The focus of this newsletter is video, as I have already recorded several and am in the process of updating the existing ones on the website.

Also, there is a reminder of our competition as there are still three weeks left to win a £150 M&S gift card in our summer competition.

Video for business
If you haven't visited the website for a while, this video is a tour of the new website that I have recently recorded. If you visit the blog section of the website, there are blogs and video blogs there that are designed to help people earn more from their business.

Earning more from property
Last month I interviewed Nick Tadd from - his site is one of the top ranked property forums in the UK, so if you know anyone considering property investment or looking to earn more from their property please do let them know about the video.

The Practice Excellence awards
Many thanks to those of you who were able to respond to this online survey, although we didn't make the second round of the competition this year it provided useful feedback.
I will be attending the awards dinner later in the year as a guest, so that I can network with the industry winners.
Automated receipt processing and recording
After looking into this, it appears to be of use to people with large amounts of receipts - in which case it can provide time savings. There is some time involved in either scanning the receipts or posting them off to be scanned - for a small amount of receipts the savings are not worth the extra time spent.

Would you like to win a £150 M&S Gift Card?
The competition I am running until 1st September, for a £150 M&S gift card, is open to people that refer someone to - we already have several entries.

The winner will be chosen at random from the entries received, each referral to us counts as one entry so the more people you refer the greater your chance of winning. One person has referred two people already , so has twice the chance of winning.

There is also the opportunity to promote the winner (and their business), should they wish, in blog postings and via our Social Media channels.

I will be in touch again next month.

If you have any queries in the meantime please do contact me.

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