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What will your answer be to our younger generations?

Comment by ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby

Right now our younger generations are asking us: What have you done with our planet’s resources? Why did you not take sufficient action to ensure there are sustainable resources for us, our children and our grandchildren to live on? 

In the next few years our younger generations could ask us in a similar way: Why did you as adults and parents not provide us with the guidance and inspiration to live a physically active life? Why have you shaped our daily routines so that we are moving less and becoming less healthy? Why are you building our cities and neighbourhoods to be more friendly to cars than kids? 

At the end of last week, more facts landed in our inboxes when a study on the ‘Global trends in insufficient physical activity among adolescents’ was published in The Lancet: Child & Adolescent Health. They are once again alarming: 81% of 11-17-year-olds are insufficiently physically active and girls are significantly less active than boys. 

So how do we connect the facts with action? Armed with compelling statistics and trends, we can prompt policy-makers and potential supporters to invest in our activities and take the right decisions. Or, if we are in the position to make change, we can take these decisions ourselves. If we already have the answers, what are we waiting for?

If you need 6 trillion good reasons to protect parks, the nature and other outdoor spaces and invest in your community’s health at the same time, continue reading here

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"We're not talking about more sport, but more physical activity"  

Interview with Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori

Finland consistently ranks at the top of physical activity surveys in Europe and worldwide. So is a local government awareness campaign needed to get more Finns active? Absolutely, according to the Mayor of Helsinki, Jan Vapaavuori. This year, the City of Helsinki launched a Physical Activity Programme and Helsinki City Strategy to address a decline in recreational physical activity and rise in sedentary behaviour among local residents, including children. ISCA speaks to Jan Vapaavuori about the initiative and his role in spreading its campaign messages.

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What does it mean to be “physically literate”?

New ISCA project to start in 2020

Literacy is embedded in our understanding of education as developing the ability to read and write – so what does it mean to be “physically literate”? ISCA’s newest Erasmus+ Collaborative Partnership project, “Physical Literacy for Life”, will explore this emerging concept, putting the spotlight on movement as a vital aspect of lifelong learning. The two-year project, starting in January 2020, will see experts in physical literacy from two continents join forces with grassroots sport organisations.

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How do we keep refugee integration and inclusion on the political agenda?

Next year the partners of the EU-supported MOVE Beyond project will gather insights from their consultations with refugees, community sport and humanitarian organisation staff, as well as their pilot actions in Denmark, Italy, Sweden and the UK to convince local and international stakeholders to keep supporting integration and inclusion through sport initiatives.

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New Executive Committee appointed and 29 new members adopted at ISCA General Assembly

ISCA’s Executive Committee and members gathered on Saturday 19 October, in conjunction with the 9th MOVE Congress in Budapest, Hungary, for the 2019 ISCA General Assembly and Elections. The members present appointed the ISCA President and Executive Committee for 2019-2021 and adopted 29 new members (listed at end of article), increasing ISCA’s total membership to 261. 

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Who celebrated their 75th birthday at the ISCA General Assembly?

MOVE Congress presentations now available on SlideShare and YouTube

27 MOVE Congress speaker presentations are now available to view on SlideShare and a selection of keynote speeches and panel debates are available on-demand on ISCA's YouTube channel. If you missed the Congress this year, find out more about why the health sector is investing more in physical activity promotion, how clubs can retain ore members, how Grassroots Sport Diplomacy is challenging traditional approaches to diplomacy, and how we can keep today's children moving.

SlideShare presentations
Click here for video footage
The Ollerup Academy of Physical Education offered a range of activities for the #BeActive Night during the European Week of Sport in Denmark. Gain some inspiration for next year's edition!
Physical literacy in the spotlight: Why Australian sport stakeholders are speaking up.

Early bird tickets available for International Gym Festival in Denmark

In celebration of its 100th anniversary, the International Academy of Physical Education in Ollerup invites you to join a cutting-edge festival, connecting movement, tradition and culture. The International Gym Festival comprises several local festivals around Denmark from 20-24 June as well as the official jubilee event at Ollerup from 24-28 June. Registration is open until 1 April 2020 and early bird tickets are available until 1 December.

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ParticipACTION publishes Physical Activity Report Card for Canadian adults

You may not yet know what pickleball is, but once you’ve read ParticipACTION’s new Physical Activity Report Card for Adults, you might be tempted to seek out your nearest club. With adults scoring C for daily movement and an alarming F for not meeting recommended physical activity levels, the report recommends a variety of opportunities in Canadian communities for adults to get active for their physical and mental wellbeing. 

Read the full report
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Save the dates: Erasmus+ application deadlines and EU Sport Forum 2020

The 2020 application deadlines for the Erasmus+ funding programme are now set, with the Erasmus+ Sport deadline falling on Thursday 2 April at 5pm CET. Just a week before, the EU Sport Forum will take place on 26-27 March 2020, in Zagreb, Croatia, with an invitation to "sport organisations to share and express their views on sport integrity, healthy life style and the way to better promote grassroots sport in Europe".
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