ISCA Newsletter October 2020: Find out about one of sport's biggest myths, the return to school PE from Europe to Asia, the latest from the Global Design Challenge and much more!

What should a true recovery plan look like?

The Covid-19 crisis has been portrayed by many as an opportunity for a “new narrative” or to develop radically new solutions to society’s problems. As a matter of fact, disaster research shows that there is a very large degree of inertia in social systems, even when they are disrupted by crises. 

So the question is: Will we try to go back to what we know from before the Covid-19 crisis?

Today (15 October), the governments of the EU are finalising and submitting their national plans to the European Commission on how they suggest to spend the huge 750 billion-euro budget for the post-covid EU Recovery Plan.

I sincerely hope that the recovery that is sought in Europe is one that is not just about recovering to “what we know”. To be a true recovery plan, the plan should include civil society and the non-profit sector. 

Read the full comment by ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby

Hybrid format for World Leisure Congress in China

Following the official decision from World Leisure Association to move the dates of the World Leisure Congress in Pinggu (Beijing, China) from October 2020 to 15-21 April 2021, it has now been announced that the event will be held in a hybrid format (online/offline). ISCA and our MOVE Transfer Europe-China project participants (55 grassroots sport leaders from 23 countries) will be part of the event. 

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Professional sport broadcasting rights in a new light: Comment

It is totally fair that professional sport protects its broadcasting rights against online piracy. But I get concerned when the reasoning is that this income is “vital for the development of grassroots sports”. Elite athletes in the vast majority of sports are not earning much – if any – money from their sport, and certainly not enough to share it with the grassroots level. In many cases, it is actually the opposite.

Read the full comment from Mogens Kirkeby

Meet our Integration of Refugees Through Sport mentors and mentees

ISCA’s Integration of Refugees Through Sport (IRTS) Mentoring Programme is now under way with 12 mentor-mentee pairs commencing their 12-month mentorships online in September. With the participants being based in 15 different countries around Europe, most are awaiting their first chance to meet in-person, as national restrictions and regulations allow, in Copenhagen in November. If you missed the chance to be part of the Mentoring Programme this time around, a new call will be launched in the first half of 2021. 

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 Global Design Challenge reaches incubation milestone

The first Global Design Challenge for Sport and Physical Activity (GDCSPA) has now moved 19 projects through to an incubation phase and has appointed 12 mentors to provide further coaching for selected participants of June’s hackathon. 

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MOVE Transfer Europe-China partners map school PE restart

The MOVE Transfer Europe-China project's Active Schools Group presents an overview of the reopening of schools and physical education classes in their countries, which span from Europe to China, Hong Kong, Macau and the US.

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#Throwback Thursday - tomorrow marks one year since the MOVE Congress 2019 began! Next month we will reveal the MOVE Congress 2021 host city and dates. Stay tuned!
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