New EU Work Plan on Sport released - but where is the focus on participation? Ageing shouldn't hold you back, as ISCA member DTB highlights, and you can lead the way soon as a MOVE Agent! Enjoy, Kjell Eriksson!

Where is the focus on sports participation in the EU Work Plan on Sport?

In the preparation of the EU’s new Erasmus+ programme for Sport it was stressed that the overall focus should be on grassroots sport and sport participation.

So it comes as a disappointment to see that neither the words grassroots sport nor sport participation are very prominent in latest conclusions adopted by the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council, ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby notes. They do not stand out in the future EU Work Plan on Sport (2014-2017) either.

It is our paramount task to push sport participation back into the foreground, Kirkeby says: “We need to put the political focus back on sport participation otherwise this fundamental priority of the Erasmus+ Sport programme will drown in sea of the more media friendly topics like match-fixing, anti-doping and mega events.”

Within the framework of the EU Work Plan of Sport it is planned to establish five working groups on: match-fixing, good governance, economic dimension, HEPA and human resources development in sport. None of these working groups will have a primary focus on sport participation.

“On the contrary,” Kirkeby says, “Most of them run the risk of getting preoccupied with the most visible problems in sport rather than trying to find ambitious solutions to increase sport participation in Europe.”

Read the preliminary EU Work Plan for Sport 2014-2017

See the provisional Council conclusions here

Get ready for MOVE Week 2014!

98% of MOVE Agents who organised events for MOVE Week 2013 said they would take part in MOVE Week 2014. Will you? If you want to be part of Europe’s biggest grassroots sport event from 29 September to 5 October, then stay tuned for the launch of our new MOVE Week website and our call for MOVE Agents on 11 June. There you will find all of the information, tools and tips you need to organise your event.

What is a MOVE Agent, you might ask?

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First initiatives selected for MOVE Quality and MOVE Transfer

ISCA’s most recent initiatives, MOVE Quality and MOVE Transfer, are now under way with 24 sport and physical activity initiatives for hard-to-reach populations across Europe chosen to take part in the quality building and transfer processes in 2014/2015. A total of 17 organisations spanning from Denmark to the north, Ireland to the west, Bulgaria to the East and Cyprus and Malta to the south will strive towards receiving a Quality Mark for their initiatives, and 7 organisations will start working on upscaling and transferring their initiatives to new settings in their countries.

See the full list of selected initiatives here

Experts discuss grassroots sport’s most valuable partnership at ACTIVE Network public hearing

The most valuable partnership for participation in sport and physical activity in many parts of the world is the partnership between local authorities and sport organisations. This partnership is an enabler, which means that by joining forces to set up and promote physical activity initiatives, local authorities and sport organisations have more power to involve local citizens and deliver sport and physical activity close to the citizens in their daily life. The partnership between local authorities and sport organisations in Europe was the topic of a Public Hearing within the European Committee of Regions on 10 April.

Read more

Ideas for a better Europe? MOVE more!

Many of Europe’s youth are not aware how much of a problem physical inactivity is. Two of ISCA’s Youth Officers, Valentin Dupouey and Karlijn Kooke, were surprised by their discovery when they hosted a NowWeMOVE workshop at the European Youth Event (EYE 2014) from 9-11 May at the European Parliament’s buildings in Strasbourg. EYE 2014 brought together 5,000 Europeans aged from 16-30 to exchange ideas on youth-related issues. By the end of the workshop, Kooke writes, the participants added physical activity to their list of ideas for a better Europe and found their MOVE at European Parliament.

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ISCA member story of the month

German Gymnastics Federation closes ActiveAge project with launch of new resources

Sports organisations should be ready to serve a new target group of inactive older people which is growing in size all over Europe. That is why ISCA member the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB) used the final conference of its EU preparatory actions-supported ActiveAge Project, which took place from 27-29 March in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, as a launching pad for two new tools that will give grassroots sport organisations guidance and networking opportunities to create more physical activity opportunities for the elderly. The first is a handbook titled Capacity Building for Physical Activity of Older People and the second is a forthcoming European Platform Active Aging in Sport (EPAAS), which will be provided by project partner ISCA.

Find out more about the closing conference here

Visit DTB’s website to access all the resources from the ActiveAge project
Eight ways parks can improve your health

Coca-Cola support expands Birmingham Active Parks scheme

The Coca-Cola Zero ParkLives initiative was launched this month in a move to expand the Birmingham Active Parks scheme and open up more opportunities for citizens to participate in free community activities as part of its £20 million pledge to increase sport and physical activity levels in the UK.

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Working together towards a more physically active Scotland

The Scottish government and its cross-sector partners have taken up a 10 year plan to motivate the people of Scotland to adopt a more active and healthy lifestyle by 2024. The plan is engaging local authorities, health professionals, fitness providers and schools in efforts to promote and increase the range of sport and physical activity opportunities on offer.

Find out more

Invest in active transport and create thousands of European jobs: new WHO report

With 24% of greenhouse gas emissions coming from transport in Europe and North America, a “green and healthy transport” sector has obvious environmental benefits. But it could also be a significant contributor to the economy, a new WHO commissioned report reveals. About 76,600 jobs could be created in Europe while 10,000 deaths could be avoided each year through cycling alone.

Read the full report

US report warns about starting life as a couch potato

In US, more and more children and teens, regardless their ethnic and socio-economic background, are challenged with obesity, diabetes and other health problems due to sedentary behaviour. A recent report shows that the impact of “screen time” activities on obesity is increasing, with an alarming number of young people not meeting daily physical activity recommendations.

Read the full report

Australians shocked by D- score in new childhood physical activity research

The results defy Australia’s proud sporting traditions – only one in five children meet the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity and 80% spend more than two hours in front of a screen. The first physical activity report by Active Healthy Kids Australia gave Australia a D- for it children’s physical activity levels, scoring it far below Britain, New Zealand and the US.

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Bikenomics – a different approach to beating the crisis

A new book from the US approaches the challenges, contradictions and benefits of investing in two-wheeled transportation. Echoing the WHO’s latest findings (above), it describes bicycling as the only form of transportation that doesn’t just break even, but actually brings wealth to the economy.

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