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"Mass participation in sport once or twice a week is our aim"

Latvia puts focus on grassroots sport at EU conference and in own sport policy

Last month ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby presented at the international conference Sport and Physical Activity for Development of the Human Capital, hosted by the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The conference put relationships between grassroots sport and topics such as social inclusion, health and wellbeing, and urban planning into the spotlight. It also highlighted the emphasis Latvia is placing on grassroots sport in its own policy.

One of the men who presented alongside Kirkeby in the ‘Education and Learning through Sport’ workshop was Edgars Severs, the Deputy State Secretary of the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science and Director of the Latvian Sports Department. ISCA spoke to Severs after the conference to find out why Latvia is prioritising sport for all.

“We are aware of the importance of elite sport and a system which nurtures outstanding talent from an early age. However, over time the emphasis has changed from elite to balanced development of all directions of sport policy. Mass participation in sport at least once or twice a week, as stated in the Sport Policy Guidelines, is our aim,” he told us.

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Networking “1-2-3” brings award-winning UK initiative to Kosovo’s doorstep

In May last year, UK-based ISCA member StreetGames met the Independent Organisation for Sport Education in Kosovo (OESK) at a conference in Sweden. Now it is preparing to transfer its award-winning Doorstep Sport initiative to OESK through ISCA’s MOVE Transfer international project. The project will see the Doorstep Sport concept of delivering physical activity at the “right time, the right price and in the right style” to hard-to-reach communities being taken up by municipalities across Kosovo in 2015.

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MOVE Week-inspired project nominated as European Youth Week best practice

When staff at the Danish youth organisation 4H Danmark received an email from the Danish National Agency for the Erasmus+ programme recently, they didn’t expect the surprise it contained. And it was a good one. It said their Nordic youth leadership training project, “We Move”, had been selected as a best practice and nominated for presentation at the European Youth Week this April-May. The training featured a workshop on the NowWeMOVE campaign and one-on-one advice from the 2013 NowWeMOVE Coordinator, Tommy Kristoffersen, on how to organise events for MOVE Week.

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Programme available for Building Sport for Active Citizenship conference

ISCA members UFOLEP and USEP in France have released the programme for their European sport and physical activity conference, Building Sport for an Active Citizenship, to be held in Strasbourg from 8-10 July. The conference themes include active children, health and wellbeing and local authorities, and Marc Tarabella from the European Parliament is among the confirmed list of speakers. The conference fee is €200 for regular participants and €30 for students. ISCA is one of the conference’s seven partner organisations.

See the full programme

ISCA MOVES in the air and all over the world

Last year ISCA bought 372 flights for its member organisations, stakeholders and staff, counting up to 1285 travel days. “In other words, every day of the year on average, two people take a trip out or return with the aim of MOVING people,” ISCA's Secretary General Jacob Schouenborg says. “And this is just the number of flights that ISCA has booked centrally. Add to this the travels by ISCA members themselves, for instance to the MOVE Congress, and you will see that ISCA really puts action behind the intention to bring people together to learn and be inspired to MOVE even more people.”

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ISCA 20th anniversary feature article series

UFOLEP: Why we took an active part in ISCA from the beginning

L'Union française des œuvres laïques d'éducation physique (UFOLEP) is one of the most important sport for all and multisport federations in France. It was established in 1928 with the purpose of setting up popular and civic forms of practicing sport and physical activity. Since its creation, UFOLEP has worked to develop the concept of a human sport service. Taking part in a new umbrella organisation for grassroots sport like ISCA as a founding member in 1995 was significant for UFOLEP, as it allowed it to spread its vision of sport internationally. Jean-Claude Besnard, President of the Departmental Committee of Indre and Member of the International Commission at UFOLEP, and Laetitia Zappella, Tasks Officer at UFOLEP, tell us why being an ISCA member has been so valuable to UFOLEP.

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Ollerup International Academy students present their new video MOVEMENT MANIFEST. ISCA facilitates the selection of Ollerup's international students.

Cuba to hold Sport for All Congress in November

The Cuban National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation and the Cuban National Olympic Committee are hosting a Sport for All Conference from 23-27 November in Havana. The conference will cover many topics relating to physical activity in society and best practices in community sport.

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Dutch government funding to stimulate physical activity initiatives

Local sport and physical activity providers in the Netherlands have the opportunity to apply for funding for their initiatives through the Dutch government’s new Sport Impuls round in 2015. A total amount of € 9 million is available from the State for local Sport Impuls projects supplemented with local financing.

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Jamaican government releases guide to workplace physical activity

Last month we featured the Mexican Health Ministry’s “squat for free public transport” initiative to help its nation get active. This month, the Jamaican Health Ministry has released a physical activity toolkit targeting workplaces across the country to help Jamaica’s sedentary workers meet the WHO’s minimum physical activity recommendations.

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Scottish primary schools to roll out learning through “physical competence” resource

The NowWeMOVE campaign has shown that we are born movers who are taught to sit still and listen when we start school. Now ISCA member South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture has joined forces with universities, schools and local councils in Scotland to deliver a learning through physical activity resource and help turn this trend around.

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Doctors role models in promoting physical activity as a “miracle cure”

A report from the Academy of Medical Colleges published in February puts the spotlight on doctors as key figures – and even role models – who have more influence than most when it comes to promoting physical activity. It encourages them to inform their patients not only about the risks of being overweight, having high blood pressure or cholesterol, but also about the “miracle cure” of regular exercise.

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