Special edition newsletter: To celebrate World Refugee Day we are sharing brand new resources from the Integration of Refugees through Sport project - and inviting cycling enthusiasts to organise side events during the Bike for Europe tour or donate their daily kilometres cycled towards providing 100 bicycles to NGOs working with refugees.

Integration of Refugees through Sport

Are you ready to #PlayTogether?

It’s World Refugee Day and we are thrilled to share with you our first Integration of Refugees through Sport videos and resources for grassroots sport organisations to use when working on activities with refugees and other initiatives that focus on social inclusion. 

The Integration of Refugees though Sport projects led by ISCA and supported by Nordplus Adult and the Erasmus+ programme brought together experts from the Nordic countries, the UK, Italy and Germany to map and explore ways of integrating refugees into European societies through sport and physical activity. 

We also asked refugees in Denmark about their own experiences and advice for clubs, authorities and other refugees about how to reach out and take a more inclusive approach. We captured their candid, compelling and touching responses here and in the new peer-to-peer video featured below and here.

The message that has recurred throughout the development of these Integration of Refugees through Sport resources is that sport and simple physical movements can be used as a momentary relief for refugees and can open doors to new social contacts and different cultures. And that sport and physical activity are also simply about people wanting to #PlayTogether.

So as we share these new resources we also share them with an invitation to clubs, local authorities, refugees and local citizens to #PlayTogether.
“Be positive, be strong” - inspiring advice from refugees on integration through sport

Practical advice and inspiration on new IRTS platform

To share experiences and new ideas in this field and to inspire other organisations and clubs interested in the topic, we created the Integration of Refugees Through Sport (IRTS) e-learning platform with the goal of gathering all kinds of information related to sport, physical activity and refugees. The platform consists of four parts, see below.

Implementation Guide

Who is it for? NGOs, sports clubs and any other community organisations or individuals working on sport and physical activity initiatives for refugees.
What is it? The implementation guide, developed by our partners, led by the University of Kent, introduces you to the topic of Integration of Refugees through Sport with an overview of relevant theory, the situation, the challenges and the barriers that sports clubs and NGOs face. It also gives you an overview of barriers from the refugees’ side and potential solutions. 
Download the guide: https://bit.ly/2tn7im1

Good Practice Collection

Who is it for: Any organisation or individual looking for inspiration to start an activity for refugees in their community, or improve an existing one.
What is it? We have gathered 24 examples from countries all over the world, which demonstrate tried-and-tested activities, initiatives and projects that have been successful, and could in turn serve as an inspiration and example to learn from when you are creating your own initiative or activity within your local community. Get inspired to #PlayTogether!
Browse the collection: http://irts.isca.org/collection/

Tips and Tricks

Who is it for? For you as an individual, your organisation or a sport club who wants to start working with refugees to find out the aspects you should consider before you start.
What is it? Our Tips and Tricks guide will provide you with brief advice from organisations that have been working with refugees and have proven that integration of refugees through sport and physical activity can be done. The journey begins with understanding that refugees are human beings, persons and as such deserve and need basic respect.
Learn more: http://irts.isca.org/tips-tricks/

E-learning Platform

Coming soon
Who is it for? Individuals, organisations and clubs who plan to deliver integration of refugees through sport initiatives.
What is it? With the help of videos and activities you will be guided through 5 topics on how to start with activities in your local community, what to take into consideration when working with different target groups, how to develop partnerships and how to encourage and support successful integration of refugees through sport and physical activity. 
Find out more: Stay tuned for updates in the ISCA newsletter.
Today we also proudly present our Bike for Europe Action Guide! It includes everything you need to know about the Bike for Europe tour, taking place from 1-23 September, how to organise a side event and how to promote it on social media. 

You can also take part in the Bike for Europe Kilometre Donation Challenge - we are aiming to collect 1,000,000 cycling kilometres to donate 100 bicycles to selected NGOs specialised in working with refugees.

The concept is simple: Europeans get on their bikes, ride for their wellbeing, donate their cycled kilometres and contribute to a good cause.

Donate your kilometres here 
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