Up to 20% increase of European citizens who are never active: besides featuring the ISCA EUROPE Chairman’s thoughts on the EU’s latest sport and physical activity survey, this month’s edition brings a sneak preview of new initiatives, opportunities, fundraising and conference calls! Enjoy, Kjell Eriksson!

New Eurobarometer a “wake-up call” says ISCA Europe Chairman Filippo Fossati

The European Commission has now released its Special Eurobarometer on Sport and Physical Activity survey results for 2013, revealing little change in sport and physical activity participation since 2009 and up to a 20% increase of citizens who are never active in their leisure time in Europe’s least active countries.

“The growing gap between the most and least physically active citizens is a wake-up call to all relevant sectors and it shows us that we need to keep our full focus on participation – also in the Erasmus+ programme,” ISCA Europe Chairman Filippo Fossati says.

“We need to establish a broad, inclusive appeal and approach. We must include, promote and support activities from walking and transport cycling to recreational sport and physical activity and we need all relevant sectors to take ownership of this challenge. ISCA is happy to have established the NowWeMove campaign and MOVE Week to address this very issue.”

See the latest Eurobarometer results here

Introducing… MOVE Quality and MOVE Transfer

ISCA believes that great quality initiatives which inspire more people to be physically active should be rewarded. We also know there are great initiatives out there for hard-to-reach populations that just need a helping hand to make a bigger impact. That’s why we’re introducing MOVE Quality and MOVE Transfer as innovative approaches to developing, recognising and upscaling initiatives for hard-to-reach populations – and thereby bring physical activity into the lives of some of the least active groups in society. 20 initiatives will be selected to go through the 12-month MOVE Quality process in 2014/2015 and 25 in 2015/2016, and MOVE Transfer will recognise 20 good examples in 2014/2016.

Stay tuned for the call for applications this April!

MOVE pilot projects featured in online article series

ISCA’s EU-supported MOVE project has aimed to identify, qualify and implement cross-cutting community initiatives promoting health-enhancing physical activity among socially disadvantaged groups. ISCA is now pleased to present some of the MOVE pilot projects that have been established, successfully run and have had a positive impact on their target groups and the MOVE collaborating partner organisations themselves. If you haven’t already, take a browse through the feature stories at http://www.isca-web.org/wemoveyou/news.

See the full list of stories here

No time for physical activity? Sneak it in!

If you’re sitting in your office reading this newsletter in the middle of your working day, chances are you’re one of the many adults who risk being sedentary for around 10 hours a day. ISCA member ParticipACTION in Canada knows it can be difficult to find time for physical activity during our busy schedules. That’s why it is using Sneak It In Week (7-11 April) to show Canadian adults how easy it can be to squeeze 10 minutes of moderate to high tempo exercise into your workday by parking a few blocks away from work, walking to lunch or having an active coffee break – the opportunities are only limited by your imagination!

Find out more about Sneak It In Week

German Gymnastics Federation launches two new projects

ISCA member the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB) has embarked on two new cross-sector health-enhancing physical activity projects. The first, “Sure-footed through life” will match DTB’s expertise in active ageing with health, insurance and community stakeholders to scientifically develop a fall prevention programme for elderly people living in rural Germany. The second, “Company fitness and health promotion”, in collaboration with German health insurance company DAK, will establish cooperations between companies and sports clubs to deliver activities promoting physical activity in the workplace.

Read more here

ISCA member story of the month

New member takes innovative approach to gymnastics in Mauritius

Gymnastics is generally underdeveloped in Mauritius and new ISCA member the Sly Ninjas Gymnastics (SNG) Club is leaving no stone unturned in promoting this Olympic sport in its country. In collaboration with the newly established Mauritius Gymnastics Federation, the SNG Club is organising a national acrobatic gymnastics championships which will welcome over 80 gymnasts from all around Mauritius on 19 April. The event is the first of its kind in Mauritius.

Read the full article
In this blog, the UK government’s Department of Education is claimed to defy the London 2012 Games’ active legacy by issuing an official recommendation for teachers to use physical activity as punishment!
Read more

Erasmus+ youth and education fundraising deadlines approaching

There is just over a month left to prepare your applications for the second round of Erasmus+ Key Action 1 (youth mobility, including EVS) and the first round of the Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships in the field of Education, Training and Youth. Apply to your National Agency by 30 April, 12pm Brussels time.

Find out how to apply

New study has “implications for physical activity legacy promises”

A new English study casts more evidence behind the claim that watching your sporting heroes on TV will not necessarily inspire you to be physically active. Its results, including the finding that older daily TV sport viewers are more likely to become obese, have “implications for staging large sporting events with physical activity legacy promises”, the report concludes.

Find the full report here

European project tackles youth dropout rate in grassroots sport

Involving nearly 10,000 children and their coaches, the recent PAPA (Promoting Adolescent Physical Activity) project is, according to its coordinators, the largest research project in the world concerning the nature and impact of coach-created environments operating in youth sport settings.

Read the full article

US county Stanislaus’ push to combat obesity rate with physical activity

California’s obesity rate is expected to double from around 24% to 47% in 16 years and, with a rate of almost a third higher than the current state average, Stanislaus stands out as one of the counties worst affected. Now the county’s leaders are taking a number of measures to tackle the issue, including a push for more physical activity. 

Read more

HEPA Europe conference to call for abstracts in April

The WHO’s European network for the promotion of health-enhancing physical activity will open a call for abstracts on 4 April for its 5th HEPA Europe conference in Zurich, Switzerland from 27-29 August. Potential presenters are invited to propose topics demonstrating current research, policy and best practices in health care and physical activity.

Find out more

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