ISCA NEWSLETTER 118, February 2013





ISCA secures funding for Young Leaders to develop European Sport Project Management skills 

A team of 24 Young Leaders from across Europe will be recruited for sport project management training

The EU Youth in Action programme has committed to fund YESweRUN, a project to train 24 young Leaders from across Europe in European Project Management. In partnership with 10 National Sport Organisations from 7 European Countries, 24 candidates will be selected based on their commitment to the promotion of community sport, emerging talent as ambassadors and a willingness to develop and learn. This pool of talented young leaders will support the development and promotion of ISCA led campaigns and future projects. The programme includes 3 residential trainings and 2 practice phases.

More information and the call for participants please, click here >>>.

Good Governance wings are spreading

After ISCAs Good Governance in Grassroots Sport project, the topic featured strongly at the German DTB Turngau Conference 2013

Between 25 and the 27 January, 70 regional association leaders attended the DTB Turngau conference held in Frankfurt, Germany focusing on "Volunteering in the Gymnastics Federation". The hot topic of the weekend was ‘Good Governance’.  Sylvia Schenk from Transparency International Germany had the challenging task of looking at "good leadership" in volunteering. Topics covered included compliance, accountability, transparency, democracy and stakeholder involvement, mirroring ISCA’s Good Governance project, in which Transparency International is also a partner.
The weekend was well used to exchange ideas, learn from each other, make plans and participants left feeling inspired and motivated.

For more information please click here >>>. (in German)

First EU Level Thematic Conference of the European Year of Citizens 2013

ISCA represented by its President Mogens Kirkeby

The European Year of Citizens 2013 was officially kicked off 10th of January by the Irish EU Presidency. The kick off was followed up by the first European level thematic conference held in Brussels 22-23 January.
166 participants representing organisations, EU networks, member of the European Parliament and European Commission joined to discuss how to ”Make the most of the European Year of Citizens 2013”. Ms Ylva Tiveus, Director for Citizens, European Commission:
”The European Year of Citizens is about building a better Europe, by informing about EU rights and create debate”.
ISCA is a member of the European Year of Citizens 2013 Alliance (EYCA) aiming to advocate for a broader understanding of European citizenship within the European year of Citizens.

Read more here >>>.

Ireland to host EU Sports Conference

Ireland celebrate their Presidency and raise awareness of the importance of grassroots sport at a priority theme for EU level cooperation 

As part of Ireland’s Presidency of the EU the Irish Sports Council is supporting the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport is hosting a Conference on Sport. It will take place in Dublin Castle on March 7, 2013. The Department and the Council hopes to have representation from each EU country. As well as delegates from Ireland there will be a presence from the various EU partners and international agencies.
The EU Work Plan for Sport has identified the sustainable financing of sport at grassroots level as a priority theme for EU Level cooperation in sport. The purpose of the conference is to explore the current funding mechanism for sport and to look to the future to see how sport can be developed within an economic and financial model that is sustainable and practical. An additional aim of the conference is to inform the Irish sports sector of the role of the EU in developing sport in the future.

For more information on the Irish EU presidency click here >>>.

“Sportlight” of the month


36 Municipalities and sports organisations gather in Copenhagen for the Launch of the ACTIVE Network project 

ISCA have launched the Active Networks Project, bringing municipalities and Sport organisations together to look at effective partnership and highlight best practice in partnership working for the promotion of sport for all. It is the first project that the EU has ever funded of this size working specifically with municipalities and sports organisations . And ISCA is pleased to put focus on the key importance of municipalities and the role they play in growing sport for all. The project will run for the next 18 months with the aims of drawing attention to the importance of partnership working between sport for all organisations and municipalities, growing networks to identify, develop and promote best practice and recognizing and rewarding good partnership working practice.

For more information please click here >>>.

News from the SFA community

ISCA Badminton Tournament for All hosted by DGI Badminton

Enjoy a friendly atmosphere at the an international badminton tournament in Denmark over Easter 

DGI badminton invites you all to an international badminton tournament at Vejen Sports Center - near Billund Airport. The tournament is for both youth and adult ranks.

Registration closes on the 28th February. For more information and further registration details please click here >>>.

The SPOLINT announces two trainings for trainers, EU funds available to attend


The trainings are addressed to professionals, volunteers and practitioners in the domains of sport, physical activity, formal, non-formal and informal education. Internationally recognised experts and trainers will facilitate the sessions: the program will be based on the combination of non-formal and informal methods, practical sessions and lecturers. The trainings will take place in Ljubljana.

For more details click here >>>. 

ISCA members working in Partnership to deliver training for gymnastic coaches and volunteers 

UNICAMP Brasil and Universidad Mayor de San Marcos , Peru host a one day workshop

ISCA members UNICAMP from Brazil and Universidad Mayor de San Marcos from Peru have hosted a one day workshop focusing on Gymnastics and the development of basic motor skills and creativity. The workshop has taken place in Peru. With the institutional support from ISCA, the event illustrates the international cooperation in sport for all, which is building in the Latin American continent.

For more information click here >>>. (in Spanish)

Nature & Sports Euro’meet: Call for experiences 2013

ISCA is supporting the network and event development

The European Network of Outdoor Sports (ENOS) is organizing from the 2nd to the 4th of October 2013 in Liptovsky Mikulas (Slovakia), the Nature & Sports Euro’meet, an European conference on Outdoor sports and tourism.
This conference is an opportunity to promote a common European culture on outdoor sports and share our experiences (challenges, opportunities, etc.) on the subject or linked with tourism.
This year, four subjects will be the basis of the exchanges:
  1. “Outdoor sports in protected natural areas”
  2. “Learning in the outdoor”
  3. “Be Happy, be healthy – be outdoors”
  4. “Sustainable territorial development through outdoor sports”
If you are interested and wish to share your projects related to outdoor sports, you can fill out, until the 31st of March 2013, the ENOS experiences information sheet by following the link >>>.

For more information about the event and the network, please click here >>>.

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