ISCA Newsletter December 2020: The new message to promote physical activity in 2020 and beyond is "Every Move Counts" - find out how to use it to promote our work, and much more... 

Use the new WHO Guidelines to “influence the influencers”

The new World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines on Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour are now ours to share and use to convince a variety of stakeholders to support our work. They’re also ours because we (the grassroots sport and physical activity sector) helped to create them. 
Over 5000 people registered to join the launch webinar, where Dr Fiona Bull, Head of the WHO Physical Activity Unit, reminded the viewers that the guidelines – the first revised recommendations published in 10 years – were developed not only by the WHO’s Physical Activity Unit and a large number of researchers, but also “by those who work in the field and practice using the evidence to promote physical activity [who responded to public calls for feedback on the drafts]. All that collective work underpins and informs these guidelines.”

ISCA contributed to the guidelines by gathering feedback from our members and partners, and ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby was one of five panellists invited as guest speakers in the online launch. 

We now have an even bigger role to play in amplifying the messages presented in the guidelines and ensuring that they create more opportunities for people to be active in communities around the world, Dr Bull said.

“We need to use these guidelines to influence the influencers […] through organisations like ISCA and others to reach the communities to provide the sports for all so that everyone can benefit from those.”

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Study shows more physical activity needed to offset sedentary behaviour

Comment by ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby
A brand new learning opportunity has just been launched on the ISCA Online Learning Platform: A Theory of Change course developed with InFocus, experts in this method of structuring activities to achieve the best results. Find out more 

IRTS Network Conference videos available on demand

Europe: Set targets for smart and sustainable transport

A coalition of 17 associations, led by the European Cyclists’ Federation, has called upon the European Commission to set targets for increasing the share of walking, cycling and public transport. ISCA has co-signed a joint letter sent to the European Commission Executive Vice-President and Commissioner for Transport ahead of the publication of the Strategy for a Sustainable and Smart Mobility on 9 December.

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New course for European Solidarity Corps volunteers

Are you a European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteer? Or thinking about becoming one? Maybe you don’t even know what it is? ISCA has hosted over 65 EVS and ESC volunteers over the past 20+ years, and some have given input from their experiences to a brand new training course for ESC volunteers. Find out more about the programme and see who you can spot in the course!

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Next 7-year Erasmus+ budget set for 50% increase

The Erasmus+ programme is set to receive additional funding for €2.2 billion, which, after a compromise with EU leaders, would be just over a 50% increase from the current 7-year budget, the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) reports. Erasmus+ is the programme with the largest increase in its funding in the next programme cycle, LLLP notes. The compromise agreement is yet to be adopted.

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