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The MOVE Congress 2014 in Rome came to a close on Friday 24 October, and you can now read all the stories, access the presentations, check out the #MOVECongress Twitter feed and see photos and videos from the event.

Browse the stories below or click on the links to catch up on all the action. This year the spotlight was on open and active cities. Next year? Watch this space...

In this MOVE Congress 2014 Special Edition Newsletter:


Three speakers, three areas of action highlighted at MOVE Congress 2014 closing

It had been less than 48 hours since experts from Italy and abroad sat on the MOVE Congress 2014 stage to start the discussion on open and active cities. In the meantime, 36 speakers and moderators had led over 300 delegates through the many interwoven factors that make cities inviting spaces or barriers for physical activity.

Friday afternoon was something else

An innovative initiative introduced by Sean Blair, the convenor of the MOVE Congress 2014 from ProMeet UK, was the Open Space workshop. What is that, you may wonder? “Open Space workshop means having a coffee with a friend, where you declare what you want to talk about” and the participants can “use the law of two feet” and leave the discussion if they are not interested.

Notes and quotes from MOVE Congress 2014 Workshops

Putting theory into practice

After two successful days with fruitful talks and knowledge sharing from experts in several fields of interest for MOVE Congress 2014, Friday was the day to put the theory into practice.
Read more here.

MOVE Congress 2014 Open Market

The Open Market took place outside the MOVE Congress venues in the so-called Matattoio, a former cattle shed, and offered several physical activities and poster presentations.

A grand arrival for MOVE Congress “urban orienteers”

In a MOVE Congress first, two groups of delegates set off to discover Rome in an “urban orienteering” session after the formal sessions wound to a close on 23 October. They were guided by two Italians (and their skilled translators) who knew Rome’s ancient and modern urban planning and inside and out – Dr. Renato Sebastiani from the Italian Ministry of Culture, and Gianluca Di Girolami, an archaeologist and President of UISP Roma.
Read more here.

Urban planning – Cities without barriers

The moderator of the parallel session 1 on Thursday of the MOVE Congress 2014, René Kural, from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, introduced the topic of urban planning with a humorous twist.
Read more here.

Breaking barriers to healthier lifestyles

On the first full day of the MOVE Congress 2014, the participants heard good examples of how better nutrition and physical education can lead to a healthier lifestyle, from very experienced speakers, during the Healthy Lifestyles parallel session 2.
Read more here.

An open and active city does not materialise by itself

Cities cannot become open and active spaces by themselves. And citizens are unlikely to spontaneously use their cities as outdoor gyms, walking or cycle paths unless they have the right conditions to give them a little push in the right direction.
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Creating active urban spaces could help move 60% of the world by 2030

A city is not just a place to work, shop and commute. In fact, a city is not just a city – it is an urban space. And it is a space that can be crafted, rethought, reshaped and used as a setting for physical activity. The MOVE Congress 2014 opened on 22 October at the Roma Tre University campus, a venue that can tell its own story about being rethought and reshaped over 12 years from being an old slaughterhouse to a new, vibrant university.
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Kick-off meeting for European Platform Active Ageing in Sport (EPAAS)

Prior to the opening of the MOVE Congress 2014, a kick-off meeting that launched the “European Platform Active Ageing in Sport” (EPAAS) took place, moderated by Herbert Hartmann, ISCA Vice President from Deutscher Turner-Bund (DTB).
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The MOVE Congress 2014 contributes to the NowWeMOVE vision of 100 million more Europeans physically active by 2020.
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