Europe is on the MOVE!

Less than two weeks to go to the MOVE WEEK starting 1 October

From Monday 1 October till Sunday 7 October 2012, MOVE WEEK will be celebrating sport and physical activity right across Europe. The first ever MOVE WEEK will feature more than 100 distinct activities and events and engage individuals, organisations and cities throughout the continent.
- Get ready to be part of the movement! -

We are proud to announce that the website is now live!

Check it out, find all the events and see the “I did it” section where anyone can add their own activity.
“TheCRAZYrace (Campogalliano, Italy)” and “Yoga for the Record (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)” are just two of the events already registered. What’s yours? Let everyone know by getting in touch with our community manager, Baptiste Colin:
Watch out for TV spots and news reports about Move Week on Eurosport as we get closer to the events at the beginning of October.

Note: The start-up phase of the NowWeMove campaign is supported by The Coca Cola Foundation.

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Major Thematic and network side meetings to take place at MOVE Congress 2012

An innovative, friendly and energetic space for shaping the future of sport for all

MOVE Congress 2012 (São Paulo, Brazil, 24-26 October) is continuing its close cooperation with external partners and stakeholders in order to leverage the Congress as a platform for debate, discussion and thematic networking. This means several thematic side meetings will already be underway from Tuesday and Wednesday prior to the Congress Opening Session. 

Sports for Social Change Network, Streetfootballworld, and Athletes for Citizenship will hold meetings prior to the start of the Congress.
The organising partners ISCA and SESC are pleased that the Congress can be used to promote education, development, and the internal objectives of the various Congress partners.

More information about the Congress partners can be found here>>>.

Want to attend the Congress?
Proceed to the online registration here >>>.

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Big events do not boost participation

The Olympics and Paralympics just came to an end and ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby has been reflecting on their impact.

The argument that big sport events boost participation is mentioned frequently. It is often given significant attention in relation to the bidding as well as the political process to legitimise the often huge costs of staging big events. Yet on many occasions, such assertions have proven to be incorrect.

Article by ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby, click here>>>.

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ISCA's voice will be heard at the EPAS Consultative Committee

ISCA to contribute to the Council of Europe’s sport policy

ISCA (together with ENGSO, EWS, Sport Accord, TAFISA Europe and UEFA) has been elected to the Bureau of the Consultative Committee of the EPAS (the Council of Europe body on sport).

For further information, feel free to get in touch with ISCA’s Secretary General, Jacob Schouenborg:

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European Youth and Sport Forum (EYSF) 2012: call for participants now open

A platform for youth to make their voice heard!

The city of Larnaca, Cyprus, will host the EYSF 2012 from 25 November – 1 December. It will bring together 100 young leaders from youth and grassroots sport organisations to discuss two key topics: Volunteering and health, and how these can increase active citizenship. The forum is being organised during Cyprus’ Presidency of the European Union. Recommendations will be delivered to a panel of stakeholders and decision makers, including EU Sport Directors, who are meeting in parallel to the Forum.
Are you a young European leader interested in volunteering, sport and health? Do you want to make a difference and develop your network? Your time is now!
See the list of eligible countries and complete the online application here>>>.

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"Why to be active in volunteering in sport?"

Assessing the key drivers of volunteers!

Volunteers are clearly the backbone of any sport organisation. Trying to better assess their needs, wishes and desires as well as skills is of crucial importance for Sport for All organisations. It might even be our main challenge!
Designed to provide inspiration and motivation to national associations, political leaders and volunteer service managers, the EuroVolNet Tutorial has been launched recently as the final product of the EuroVolNet project.
ISCA Vice President, Herbert Hartmann, has given input to the tutorial.  How to implement a better volunteer management scheme? What are the outcomes of the European Year of Volunteering? These are a few of the questions he answered. Do not miss his interview, click here>>>.

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A vision for Good Governance in Grassroots Sports

If you don’t know where you are going you will probably end up somewhere else.”

Laurence J Peter, 1919-90, Canadian academic and expert on organized hierarchies, from his 1969 book The Peter Principle.
This was the guide for ISCA and Good Governance in Grassroots Sports (GGGS) project partners’ discussions about the GGGS project’s vision and objectives, to find common path for development of the project, and to share the knowledge and experiences.
Here you can find interviews with GGGS project partners, their vision and approach to Good Governance in Grassroots Sport.
Note: The first training in the GGGS non-formal education programme took place last week (13-16 September) in Bologna, with the participation of 45 top leaders from sport for all associations eager to learn from each other and from best practice. 

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Physical activity in socially disadvantaged groups

The most comprehensive good practice collection of its kind in Europe

The MOVE project has now closed its call for good practices. Organizations and institutions working in diverse fields such as health, physical activity and sport, citizenship and urban planning, among others submitted descriptions of projects and initiatives aimed at socially disadvantaged groups.
Click here for an insight on the results and next steps>>>.
Note: On 17-18 September (in Erlangen, Germany) the Associate and Collaborating Partners behind the MOVE project will engage in a two-day workshop on how to transfer good practices or good practice elements.

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New tools for using youth sport as a driver for increasing health and wellness

Outcomes of the “SWELL project: YOUTH TRAINING FOR HEALTH AND WELLNESS”, co-organised by ISCA and UFOLEP.

From 18 to 25 August 2012, 22 young people from eight different countries gathered in France to activate an international network that can spread the idea of Health and Well-being through sport as a right, and act as multipliers at local level. Not only did they learn a lot, but they did also come out with brand new materials!
Read more here>>>.

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ISCA keeps growing

New EVS Volunteers and Communication staff members recently jumped in!

As part of its development, ISCA is delighted to announce Gary Grieve, Laura Blanco and Catherine Couchman as new Youth Officers as part of the European Voluntary Service. In addition, Paul Brummitt and Carole Ponchon have been recently appointed to work on ISCA communications. They all joined the ISCA headquarters in Copenhagen in September 2012. 

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"Promoting physical activity will become a key priority", a recent report said!

 Efforts to Tackle Global Obesity Shaping a New Investment Megatrend, Says New BofA Merrill Lynch Report (July 16, 2012)

A report by Bank of America Merrill Lynch has identified food companies, pharmaceutical companies, and companies selling weight loss products as potential growth industries that will benefit from rising global obesity.
The report says that efforts to reduce obesity are an investment opportunity "megatrend" with a shelf-life of 25 to 50 years.
Read more here>>>.

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“Sportlight” of the month

SALSC newsletter


Personalised, concise, inspiring and full of information. Definitely good practice!
Find our more here>>>.

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