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Due to the increase in cases of the Covid-19 Delta variant in Northwest Arkansas, executive director John Newman has issued updated safety protocols to help ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff. In addition to complying with these guidelines, John encourages those of you who are not yet vaccinated to consider doing so—for your health and that of those around you.

If you're still not sure about getting vaccinated, consider these 12 Things You Need To Know, published by Johns Hopkins Medicine, one of the leading health care systems in the United States. 

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Fewer and fewer of us send cards and letters these days, but—not to worry—Allison is picking up the slack. Just last week she handed off sixty (!) pieces of mail to the U.S. Postal Service for delivery to people needing some heartfelt goodwill and encouragement.

“I just like making someone happy, especially during Covid,” explains 24-year-old Allison, who attends Life Styles’ College For Living and lives with her parents and five-month old foster brother in Prairie Grove. Allison’s been devoted to this remarkable campaign of goodwill for about two years now, corresponding with folks she finds through Facebook pen pal groups or via word-of-mouth. Right now she has a list of about 800 addresses she whittles away at as classes and time spent doting on her baby brother permit.

Allison recently sent a sympathy card to the family of a woman from her church who passed away. "Her son was in tears;" remembers Allison, "it made me feel so good that I could brighten his day." She also has fond memories of the soldier she wrote to "who replied with a card that a bunch of his battle buddies signed."

Recently, this generous hobby has landed Allison in the limelight. She's been featured on the local news and was fresh off an interview with a Little Rock-based magazine when we caught up with her at the Stensgaard Center.

Allison's letter-writing-acts-of-kindness have circled the globe, landing in faraway countries like Japan and Egypt. This summer, Allison herself will be travelling to Canada on a trip with her family. And among the souvenirs she's likely to bring back, we expect there will be more than a few mailing addresses.

We’re so happy to count two members of the Najar family as Life Styles clients and College For Living students.

Older brother Matt has been a regular at Blair Center art classes for the past year and a half, where the teaching staff has learned to respect—yet gently challenge—his tactile aversion to paint. “The first time Matt touched paint, he screamed and fell back in his chair,” remembers Lindsay Broshears, director of Adult Development. But not to worry: “For a recent group project, he did his part in colored pencil, which worked beautifully with the other pieces.”

Lindsay feels confident Matt will grow more comfortable with paint in time, heeding the advice of his super-supportive mom, Cyndi, who counsels that “Matt has one speed: Matt Speed.”

Younger brother Jeremiah recently graduated from Springdale’s Har-Ber High School and now attends College For Living classes at the Stensgaard Center. The fact that Jeremiah’s high-school buddy Jake was already a student was an added bonus for him.

We love how the entire Najar family embraces the passions and possibilities of their two adopted sons. As it turns out, Matt is a bona fide Disney expert, and the entire family unit—including Mimi and Papa—got decked out in Beauty And The Beast regalia for a recent family photograph.

With enthusiasm like that in their corner, there’s no telling how far these two young men will go.

Our local Fayetteville Community Foundation, an affiliate of the statewide Arkansas Community Foundation (ARCF), harnesses the generosity and giving power of more than 100 area fund holders to fuel programs that increase the quality of life in Northwest Arkansas.

Life Styles is fortunate to have been a frequent recipient of this valuable philanthropic resource through the years, enabling us to expand our work supporting full, self-directed lives and community integration for adults with developmental disabilities.

The Life Styles-ARCF relationship deepened with a pre-Covid visit by the Association’s Philanthropy Club, facilitated by Development Director Jody Dilday. The face-to-face meeting at the Stensgaard Center gave Life Styles the opportunity to meet philanthropic-minded donors face-to-face, answer questions and discuss issues, and demonstrate our passion for our mission and our clients. In more ways than one, Northwest Arkansas is enriched by the support of this civic-minded giving group.

Life Styles enthusiastically supports individuals with disabilities in reaching their full potential as contributing members of the community.

We are always grateful for donations in support of our mission:
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