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National News

NeighborWoods® Month Survey Reveals Importance Of Trees To Homeowners

Lincoln, NE - In honor of October's NeighborWood Month and to illustrate the importance of trees in communities, the Alliance for Community Trees commissioned the 2016 NeighborWoods Month Survey. Responses support the fact that Americans value both the economic and environmental benefits of trees in their neighborhoods. More

Research News

Balancing The Costs And Pay Back Of Urban Trees

Gainesville, FL - Trees shade homes and help clean city air. But their production in the nursery and maintenance in the landscape requires energy and material resources. Some of those processes are mechanized and release greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Understanding this balance between tree environmental costs and benefits is crucial to those who plan and plant urban forests. More

Local News

Atlanta To Seek Funding For Fruit And Nut Trees

Atlanta, GA - A $30,000 grant would bring about 40 fruit- and nut-bearing trees to Atlanta’s southeast side for the enjoyment of residents, with the aim of bettering their diets in an acknowledged “food desert” lacking in healthy food choices. More

New In Print

New Book Unpacks Relationship Between Trees And City Dwellers

Washington, DC - A new book, Urban Forests: A Natural History of Trees and People in the American Cityscape, authored by Jill Jonnes, founder of the nonprofit Baltimore Tree Trust, outlines the mission to plant trees and quantify their utility, and the campaigns to eviscerate pests that have ailed them. More

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