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I am a first-generation Macedonian born in the United States, though I am certainly not the first Macedonian who wanted to stay in America.  That credit belongs to my grandfather, Dedo Jordan, who came to Detroit via Montreal in 1925 when he was 16 years old.  He loved speaking English and had no intention of returning to his homeland.  Various circumstances led him to Pennsylvania, where he worked until 1930 when he received a letter from his father back in village Podmocani, asking him to return home to care for the family’s property. 

My father, Kalia, is Jordan's youngest son, who by another set of unique circumstances arrived in Detroit in the late 1960s at the age of 18 to meet his bride Dobrila, also 18.  She came to the U.S. that same year via ocean liner with her family.  They met on New Year’s Eve and were married February 22.  I am their first born. 

I am proof of my parent’s improbable will and impossible choices.  To make wine in a small hamlet similar to where they grew up is to welcome everyone from everywhere in what I call Radical Inclusion.  In honor of everyone’s journey, theirs, yours and mine, IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE!  We all have stories to share. 
The primary marker of home in our household has been food.  Like most immigrant communities, sharing food with others is where you feel comfortable and most understood.  Nourishing others is the best medicine for loneliness and longing, melancholy and nostalgia.  It’s the place my grandmother, Babi, would share hot whiskey and sing Macedonian folk songs, dancing on top of a table with the microphone.  I know we all long for those moments today.
Each Saturday in October from 3 – 5 pm we are creating a curated, seated, OUTDOOR food and wine tasting sensation interwoven with stories, emotion, and discovery.  Won’t you join us?  Complimentary for club members.  Guests are always welcome, $30.  Our shared time is all we have.  Please secure a date with your RSVP by clicking this
email or calling the tasting room at 805-344-1900.
Meze Tapas Mezze Antipasti - THANK YOU
California and Macedonian cheese selections with all the fixins.  
 Slava  - THANK YOU!
The Art of the Macedonian Meal  
 The Americana Dream - THANK YOU!
Everything I always wanted to eat as a child and wasn’t allowed to
 Ice Cream & Cookie Fantasy Party - THANK YOU!
Our Baskin-Robbins roots with a Slavic savory twist
 Two Baking Brits & Me - THANK YOU!
Exploring the immigrant flavor experience with Pascale Beale, Sandra Adu Zelli and me!
A sampling of delicious memories.
 Memories for All - JOIN US!
A potluck tasting party where you bring your favorites to share

                                Vineyard Tours!                                
Taste the landscape of our epic Santa Barbara Wine Country. 
We visit 3 vineyards, taste the wine born in that vineyard and return to the tasting garden for a complete tasting and snacks.

November 13
December 11
January 8, 2022

rsvp to: / 805-344-1900

                                 Malibu Sessions                              
Join us as we gather outdoors at sunset to share wine, discuss the wine topic of the day and create community, safely.   
Meeting place is our home in the Point Dume Club, Malibu. 
Address provided with rsvp confirmation.  Space is limited.

December 4
January 15
February 19

Please RSVP on insta @casadumetzwines with book now tab or

Documenting Casa Dumetz Vintage 2020 Art Show

November 2020 - in house at the tasting room



Clementine Carter West End Grenache 2020 
This is what happens when Beyoncé moves in. We’re swooning to whatever she’s rolling on the turntable. Christy & Wise vineyard in its own unique borough just outside the Sta. Rita Hills AVA

on the upper west side. Head trained Spanish clone Garnacha Tinta. Definitely the new sound you want. 100% whole cluster fermentation, 100% all-in. You may not understand this wine though its love, force and beauty will grab you.

Clementine Carter Sta. Rita Hills Grenache 2020
Leave your penny loafers at home. This wine is the troublemaker in the Ivy Leagues. Who knew Grenache could demonstrate such piercing identity among the well heeled? Think turned-up collar, extra-large comb in the back pocket of your faded Jordache jeans groovin’ to “Maneater” = Swagger. Spear and Robert Rae vineyards create the dynamic duo for this wine.

Casa Dumetz Hapgood Pinot Noir
The prodigal son returns. We can wax poetic about Grenache all day, though you really just love more Pinot Noir. This hustler can do no wrong, for good reason. Hapgood vineyard smack dab

in the middle of the Sta. Rita Hills, clone 37, 100% whole cluster fermentation from this sandy windswept site. Power and finesse wrapped up with gorgeous twine. We do the hard work so you don’t have to.


Clementine Carter Portico Hills Grenache 2020
On my move to California 20 years ago driving west through the Texas panhandle at dusk there was my cowboy. No clues as to where he started or how long he’d been walking. Just miles of parched barren scrub brush and this lonesome road. With worn Levi’s, dusty boots, a pale pearl snap shirt open to the chest and his pinch front hat angled to his nose, his mystery was etched forever in that fleeting moment. I imagine that exquisite pleasure of reaching a destination for a temporary respite before the journey begins again. 100% Grenache from Portico Hills located up the road in our very own one-horse town.

The Feminist Party GSM 2020
You don’t have to be a girl to join the fun. This is about radical inclusion. Everyone is invited. Hippies, stoners, hipsters, jocks, geeks, cheerleaders, marching band, yearbook, divas, Fulbright scholars (yeah, that’s me) and you. One love. The pinnacle blend for the ages: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre.

Sonja & Greg's Cider Factory Picpoul Beauty
1. We are hardly a factory. 2. We are a labor of love. 3. We hand- bottle and bottle condition to create lovely magical hazy bubbles inside. Prefer it neat? Set upright for 24 hours. Prim as a peony. Picpoul Blanc from Nolan Ranch in the stunning Alisos Canyon AVA. The cider is 100% Gala organically farmed at Cuyama Orchards. Totally dry, more wine than cider. Don’t be fooled. Gala’s pack an incredible punch: 2/3 Picpoul Blanc and 
1/3 Gala cider.


We will start shipping first week of October.
We have contacted most of you to update your information.  We are so grateful you answer the phone and return our calls!  THANK YOU!

1.  You can ALWYAS CUSTOMIZE any way you like.  Though we can't read your mind.  Please contact us. Reply to this email and/or call 805-344-1900.  

2.  We are an ANALOG business.  This all takes time.  Packing and shipping.  We start with the As and go to the Zs.  If you need special shipping requests, we are happy to accommodate.  Reply to this email.

3.  You can always add bottles.  Please let us know.  We have lots to choose from.  Grenache Blanc, Grenache Rose, too!  Let us know!

4.  We are so greatly appreciative of each and every one of you. 

5.  We continue to uphold the stricted of safety protocols, so plesae join us for a tasting experience.  

6.  Pick up members, we look forward to seeing you!

7.  Wine is for pleasure and sharing!  



Standard shipments are as follows: (remember, you can customize!).

3 bottle club:

Clementine Carter West End Greanche
Clementine Carter Sta. Rita Hills Grenache
Casa Dumetz Hapgood Pinot Noir

6 bottle club:

Clementine Carter West End Greanche
Clementine Carter Sta. Rita Hills Grenache 
Casa Dumetz Hapgood Pinot Noir
Clementine Carter Portico Hills Grenache 
The Feminist Party GSM 
Sonja + Greg's Cider Factory Picpoul Beauty

12 bottle club:

Clementine Carter West End Greanche x 2
Clementine Carter Sta. Rita Hills Grenache x 2
Casa Dumetz Hapgood Pinot Noir x 2
Clementine Carter Portico Hills Grenache x 2
The Feminist Party GSM x 2
Sonja + Greg's Cider Factory Picpoul Beauty x 2



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