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Newsletter #4 - Updates, Project Announcements & Highlights

Sign of the Week is going Strong

We've been getting some great feedback for our Sign of the Week program. Many of you have told us how you like to see the work we've done, and enjoy reading how each project evolved.

If you don't know already, the Sign of the Week is a new program we started that showcases one of our signage projects from the Hudson Valley area each week. We like to focus on the various products we offer, such as banners, exterior & interior signage and the occassional custom projects that come our way, and in the process we highlight the area business or client through all of our marketing channels for everyone to see.

The Sign of the Week gets announced through our social media, so simply Follow us (@timelysigns), like us on Facebook ( , or subscribe to our blog  to find out if our next Sign of the Week is yours.

Levon Helm Studios Project Announcement

Levon Helm Studios Project Announcement!

There are some projects that we work on that really strike a “chord” for us here. Not only does it invigorate our love of design and the community but also it helps to remind us why we do what we do.

As many know, the music industry lost an icon this year when Levon Helm passed away. This event touched the whole community, international and locally, and also hit us here at Timely Signs. Especially for our President Paul Beichert who was not only a fan of his musical talents but had been working with the Levon Helm Studios on various projects for many years.

We were approached by Barbara O’Brien, manager of the Levon Helm Studios, to come up with a concept that would work in combination with their first fundraising effort, “Keep it Goin’”, to raise money to keep the studio doors open. When we started to come up with the concept, it began to take on a life of its own. More than just a simple dedication plaque.....

Read how the project evolved here.


Glens Falls Hospital Foundation

Glens Falls Hospital Foundation chooses Timely Signs!

Glens Falls Hospital Foundation recently chose Timely Signs to assist them in the development of a donor recognition system for their new Surgical Care Unit. The unit was to be dedicated to the late Dr. Harry M. “Mac” DePan, a Surgeon at Glens Falls Hospital from 1954-1993. Glens Falls Hospital wanted to recognize Dr. DePan for his passionate and skilled service as a surgeon and for his unwavering commitment to healing patients in the region.

Working with hospital and foundation staff our team designed and fabricated a main donor recognition wall, room dedication plaques and individual glass gifts for their donors.

Read more about this project and more on our website.


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