Timely Signs August Edition - Lakeshore Villas Rebranding - RIO on Exterior Signage - Letter from our President
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A Personal Note from our President

September 16th could be like any other Sunday. We could sleep in, have breakfast with our families, or maybe get some yard work done to prepare us for winter. I’d like to take a moment to tell you where my family and I will be. Team Ozzie will be riding in the 9th annual Bike for Cancer Care to benefit the Rosemary Gruner Memorial Cancer Fund.

Team Ozzie, for those who are not aware, was founded in 2009 when our father and company founder, Ozzie Beichert, was diagnosed with cancer. We came to realize first hand through our father’s battle that while he was fortunate enough to have adequate resources to cover the expense of treatment, there are many others that fall into financial difficulty. For some families, it’s having to make a choice between having enough food in the fridge or enough gas in the car to get to a doctors appointment. It’s those small things that we often take for granted. The Rosemary Gruner Memorial Cancer Fund provides a helping hand, through much needed gas cards and Hannaford gift cards for groceries to families who need them.

Can you help us raise funds for this worthy cause? Please visit our website and learn more about this fundraiser, because I know together we can make a difference.

- Paul Beichert

lakeshore Villas Rebranding

Lakeshore Villas Gets a New Look.

Lakeshore Villas in Port Ewen, NY, (a Morgan Community) is an apartment complex located on a beautiful lake and surrounded by mature trees and lush landscaping. They recently came to Timely Signs to see about updating the exterior signage of the property and give it a new look. The end result was a full exterior branding project that included a new logo, main monument sign, and directional signage.

Our designer, Brittney Scott, really captured what they were looking for. “With lake views and weeping willows, Lakeshore Villas’ new signage now complements the scenery in which it resides. The colors chosen for this project are subtle blues and deep purples, giving it a relaxing and sophisticated look. For the main sign, I created a custom illustration that displays a calming shoreline with a canoe pointing towards the sunset, almost like it’s inviting you into the property. I then took the elements from the illustration to create the new icon and logo for the Lakeshore Villas community rebrand.”

To see the new identity and get a visual tour of the new exterior sign system, Click Here.

ROI on Exterior Signs

There are many reasons why a sign is beneficial. However, one of the most import reasons is return on investment, or it's ROI. What is ROI? Short for Return On Investment, ROI is an accounting formula used to obtain an actual or perceived future value of an expense or investment.

How does that work with a commercial sign?
Basically, a good sign should be one of your best salespersons. Why? Because an on-premise sign is a permanent asset. Your sign doesn’t sleep, never takes vacations and says whatever you want. They are always “on the job” for you, advertising 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Effective signs are revenue generators. More than simply an announcement of your physical location, it is your most responsive and cost-effective advertising option. Also, In today’s mobile society, the average driver spends some 540 hours per year on the road, which makes passing motorists a repeat, captive audience for your marketing message.

To read more about the value of your sign investment, click here.

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