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Romeo + Juliet
freeFall Theatre Company
Jesse LeNoir & Sarah McAvoy as Romeo and Juliet

What audiences are saying about freeFall's stunning Romeo + Juliet...

Here are some of the highlights of emails and FaceBook posts we've received in response to Romeo + Juliet.  This "Theatre Tampa Bay Recommended Show" closes Sunday!  Catch it before it's gone.

"We were absolutely blown away at today's matinee - such talented actors, such passionate and emotional portrayals - yet another stellar hit for this very special local theater. Bravo!"

"How is it possible that almost every time I see a play at freeFall Theatre Company I leave so breathless and satisfied? What a beautiful feeling to be reintroduced to a favorite like that. Thank you Eric Davis and ALL the cast and crew of this amazing show. Romeo and Juliet was heartwrenchingly cathartic, making me fall in love with love, Shakespeare, and the theatre all over again. Thank you."

"Congrats to the R+J cast last night @ freeFall. The kids got their first taste of Shakespeare, and talked about it the whole ride home."

"Your theatre is beautiful, and I found your staging to be very unique, very interesting! Even kids who hadn't read the play could follow the words quite easily. You have a lot of talent at your theater, and our school will definitely be back!"

"Saw Romeo and Juliet last night. NOT TO BE MISSED!!! Get your tickets NOW! Another freeFall winner."

"Wow. I just saw freeFall Theatre Company's Romeo + Juliet tonight. I was so blown away by everything about the evening - the actors were stellar, costumes, set, lights, sound, direction - everything. It's all about telling a good story, and everyone involved was at the top of their game."

"Stunning production done with bravura!"

"I cannot say enough how wonderful this R & J is!! What a remarkable concept and ensemble!!"

"I saw a very lovely production of ROMEO AND JULIET at freeFall Theatre Company last night. I was completely in awe of the skill in which the cast and director Eric Davis laid it all out for us, weaving some sort of magic spell as they did. If you haven't seen much Shakespeare, this is a great indoctrination. The Bard never fails to humble me with his truths and beauty."

"Eric Davis loves Shakespeare, and it shows. Romeo and Juliet, at freeFall Theatre, is yet another tight, dynamic, relevant production of a familiar text that will leave you grinning at its endless ingenuity."

"My emotions were pulled every different way by the talented actors in this show, WOW!"

"Romeo + Juliet was amazing last night! Juliet is worth the price of admission alone... loved the whole cast, beautiful costumes, INTENSE fight choreo, and direction that makes Shakespeare fresh and relevant. GO SEE THIS wonderful night of theater!!!"

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October 26 to November 18
Tickets $39 to $46, with discounts for seniors, students, military, and teachers.
suggested audience: Young teens to Adults

Keith Haring: Radiant Child
Suncoast AIDS Theatre Project commemorates World AIDS Day by presenting “Keith Haring: Radiant Child", Saturday, December 1st, 2012.  This one night only performance will benefit Metro Charities of Pinellas, HIV/AIDS programs.

"Keith Haring: Radiant Child", is a play written by actor/writer/teacher Jeff Norton, directed by Kerry Glamsch, and starring Chris Rutherford as Keith Haring. This amazing solo acting piece will inform and in some cases, introduce audiences to the artist's creative process and work.

The play examines how the artist and his work emerged from the New York City graffiti street culture of the 1980s and gaining notoriety and tremendous commercial success as he began to reflect on more socio-political themes such as Apartheid, AIDS, and the crack cocaine epidemic. Haring became friends with such luminaries as Madonna, Jean Michel Basquiat, and Andy Warhol. Get tickets now by clicking here!
December 1, 2012 @7:30pm
Tickets $10
suggested audience: Teens to Adults

Eran Raven: Almost Strangers

Back after a sold out engagement last year!  Have you ever wondered what the person next to you was thinking? Are they telling the truth or lying? Ever curious if someone can read your mind? Eran Raven can. Come see Eran Raven read body language, analyze facial expressions, and use his psychological techniques, such as subliminal suggestions and cognitive thinking, to predict and read people’s minds and to influence their thoughts.

Put your skepticism aside and let Eran Raven prove to you otherwise. It will leave you astounded, asking questions and wanting more.

About the performer:
Eran is an admired mentalist; performing around the world, astounding and entertaining millions, in countries as far as Japan, Korea, France, England, and Israel. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The NY Times, The LA Times, CNN, FOX and many others. Recently, Eran starred in the hit NBC television show “Phenomenon”. Every week for the entire season, Eran would put his skills to the test by demonstrating life threatening feats of mentalism on live TV, in front of 8 million viewers, ranging from avoiding lethal scorpions with Kim Kardashian to Playing Russian Roulette with Carmen Electra.  Get tickets now by clicking here!
December 2, 2012 @7pm
Tickets $25
suggested audience: Teens to Adults

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A Christmas Carol
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