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Dear Go Inspire Go Supporters,

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Holidays and the new year are my favorite -- a time to celebrate with family and friends, count our many blessings and reflect upon the year gone by. For the Go Inspire Go team, it has been an amazing period of personal growth, dreaming big, diligent work and community-building.
First off, we would like to thank YOU for your support. Whether it’s crowdfunding, crowdsourcing story ideas or sharing your love via social media, we wanna give you a huge virtual hug. 
As for me, I’d also like to thank my amazing team of 90+ volunteers around the globe that are using their power to help us help others.  I have the team with the biggest hearts and brains!!!
Here are the top 5 things we're grateful for. Drum roll please...

1. Our new website
Yes, it’s shiny, new and oh so beautiful!
Plus check out the new mapping tool.
Thank you Randall Raymond for making this tool happen!
2. Uncovering a brand new array of inspiring heroes
The core of our work is to create videos to inspire people to discover their own power and help others. In the five years since Go Inspire Go was conceived, we’ve produced more than 60 videos, leveraging more than 100 volunteers or "GIGSTERS" from around the world to produce and share stories of heroes and impact
3. Our first crowdsourcing campaign
We were ready this year to take Go Inspire Go to the next level and decided to leverage the power of the people through crowdsource funding to produce and highlight more stories. Our 50/50 campaign was born -- to spotlight 50 everyday heroes doing amazing things to help others in all 50 states, tell their authentic stories and leverage social media to inspire others to act.

Thanks to ALL OF YOU, we successfully raised $35,000 for our first round of stories, with over $25,000 from individual donors and support from Coca-Cola and Wize Commerce. Whoo hoo!

There are so many stories to tell and we’re just getting started! In partnership with The Pollination Project, our first 50/50 hero was unveiled—16-year old Matthew Kaplan from Arizona, who decided to take action when his younger brother Josh was bullied at school by starting a successful anti-bullying program targeted at middle-schoolers.
Our next 50/50 hero will be unveiled just before the new year… stay tuned!
4. Go Inspire Go Community Heroes awarded LinkedIn for Good Social Innovation grant
GIGSTER and mom of 3, Kala Shah, runs our Community Heroes program, which sows the seeds of compassion in elementary school kids by providing a forum to discuss community issues and act locally to help others. Go Inspire Go is honored to be one of the recipients of LinkedIn’s $10,000 Social Innovation grants, to scale and replicate Community Heroes! Coming soon to a school near you!

A huge thank you to Deanna Lazzaroni who championed the nomination of Go Inspire Go.
It's been a memorable season of giving and receiving for the Go Inspire Go Community Heroes club at Sun Valley Elementary in San Rafael, Calif. The students adopted two local families and donated goods to help them during difficult circumstances.
5. YOU feeling "inspired"
Go Inspire Go's work in 2013 has inspired many and that's our most cherished thought as the year closes.
We’ve got lots more work in 2014 and we'll need your help. From sending more stories, social media love to making a year-end donation, you can support us here if you’re inspired to use your power to discover more real life heroes!
Our wishes have been fulfilled beyond our expectations and we are hopeful that our future is bright. May your holidays and the new year ahead be full of countless blessings.


Toan & the Go Inspire Go team
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