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March 7th, 2019

“I am asking you to stop playing basketball at Duke because you and your fellow college basketball players are being exploited."
- Reiss Becker, in his open letter to Zion Williamson, asking him not to come back to the court.

Not-So-Light Rail 
Remember Durham’s proposed light rail, that would connect commuters to travel between Durham and Chapel Hill a zillion times easier? But also the one that Duke rejected citing concerns with its planned location and that the train’s construction could cause problems with their health facilities? Well, the drama continues. A report was released stating that many Duke buildings, including health buildings with electromagnetic-sensitive equipment, were in close enough range of the train to cause potential danger. Now, Duke’s being criticized by officials for their decision. AKA, Duke is getting boom roasted. Some are frustrated that Duke had many opportunities since 2015 to raise these concerns, but only chose to bring them up now. Others are just pissed in general. One tweet from a member of the Durham City Council named Duke’s decision as a “staggering betrayal” of their “moral obligation” to help solve Durham’s problems. It went on, stating that this decision reinforces a Durham stereotype of Duke: that it’s “an arrogant and elitist enclave with little interest in being the kind of partner this city needs.” Yiiiiiiiikes. 

And They Were Rooooooommates!
If you were hyped about the idea of getting your own single in the Hallows next year, you may have to think again, as about 180 singles are being converted to doubles. AKA, there’s gonna be some small ass doubles. Originally, the new dorm was intended to house 500 students, each of which would have their own (spacious) room. Thinking ahead to the expected increase in transfer students and study-abroad students from Duke Kunshan University, HRL decided to open up some more beds…and to avoid another housing crisis. HRL brought in students to survey different possibilities of room layouts, to ensure the more comfort for those living in doubles. For more closet space, students living in doubles will use larger closets located in the hallway. One student said that the living and common areas provide a lot of space, but that the singles-converted-to-doubles were “not so small that they are unlivable.” We aren’t sure how comforting that is. 
Meet the g’s running for president this year…although we’re sure you’ve seen them all over your Facebook feed for the past two weeks. But hey, that’s showbiz baby. Daisy Almonte, a junior candidate for DSG, is focusing her campaign on equity and administrative dialogue. Almonte currently serves on DSG as the VP of equity and outreach in the DSG Senate and is a founding member of the First-Generation/Low-Income Caucus and Latinx Caucus. Liv McKinney, a junior candidate for DSG, named financial and physical accessibility as the cornerstones of her campaign for DSG prez. McKinny currently serves as the VP of the services and sustainability committee on DSG. Saheel Chodavadia is focusing his platform on three pillars: access, community, and transformation. He currently serves as the VP of academic affairs for DSG. Also, Avery Boltwood, the sole candidate for executive VP of DSG wants to make DSG more accessible by providing students with more information of DSG’s role and the resources it offers. Boltwood, we have a feeling you’ve got a good chance. 

Duke’s Empire Started With…A Loss? 
Kind of an uncool story, we agree. 113 years from Saturday, Duke played in its first ever basketball game against Wake Forest. Indeed, the Demon Deacs beat us back then, but let us just give you a friendly reminder that we threw it back in their face on Wednesday in our last home game of the year. Take THAT. March 2, 1906, just around the time when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, Duke (then called Trinity College) and Wake Forest went head to head in the first college basketball game Duke ever played. At that time, the court they played on, which was located in what was then called Angier Duke Gymnasium, was about a third of the size of the floor that the team now plays on in Cameron. What, so they took, like, 2 steps and then dunked? Not that impressive, Wake.
No-Hit Wonders
No. 22 Duke baseball took the W in two out of its three games against the Nittany Lions this past weekend at IMG, their third consecutive series victory. How’d they do it? It probably had something to do with the fact that pitchers Graeme Stinson, Matt Dockman, and Jack Carey combined for the program’s first no-hitter since 1995, leading them to a 14-0 victory. SEE YA. Though the Blue Devs took the L on the game on Saturday, they came through to take home the series win on Sunday, winning 9-2. No-hitter hype!
The Worst Winter Bug of All
The injury bug. With 7 minutes left in the game on Tuesday, freshman Duke basketball player Tre Jones limped over to the sideline after injuring his foot on the court. The Cameron Crazies were absolutely bugging out that the team had lost another one of their favorite players, but Jones was able to get back out there for the last 3 minutes. Marques Bolden also sat out for much of the second half with a hip injury, leading the Blue Devs to struggle on defense. Though we were ultimately able to get the Dub with a final score of 71-70, the injury bug rattled the team, causing an outcome that was too close for comfort. We need you back, bball team! 
We know, you don’t hear that too often from students, but for a lot of STEM students at Duke, it’s about freaking time, given the limited number of teachers in many STEM subjects. Duke just received a $50 million grant to hire new science faculty, which will allow them to bring in about a dozen junior and senior level faculty. The search for new faculty is expected to be complete within 3 years. Hey, they need some time to find the “best and most promising scientists” to “propel us to even higher levels of scientific discovery and education.” Thank youuuuu, Duke Endowment. We very much appreciate your funds. 
We’re Not Psychos, We Swear
Overhead from all girls everywhere. Kidding! We’re talking about Duke students who are willing to sleep in the freezing cold for K-Ville. The Chron talked to a sociologist who may have found an explanation for the fact that Dukies are down to spend multiple miserable nights sleeping in a tent for a ~3 hour experience. Apparently, it has to do with distinguishing oneself as a part of an elite or niche group. Given that Duke is pretty well known for its elitism (in some ways good, others bad), that theory holds up pretty well. Others speculate that it offers students an escape from the general feeling of burnout, anxiety, and depression that a lot of Duke students feel during stressful times of the year. K-Ville is the new CAPS.
When You Watch Grey’s Anatomy and Think You Know How to Perform Heart Surgery
If you think watching doctor shows such as Chicago Med, The Good Doctor, and Elementary gives you actual insight into medical terms and procedures, you may actually not be that far off, thanks to a Duke doctor. Professor of Neurosurgery Oren Gottfried is a professor at Duke’s Med School who specializes in spinal diseases AND serves as a medical consultant for popular television shows. Since 2010, Gottfried has assisted over 30 different shows, stating that he likes the creative outlet and the chance to educate viewers. Sometimes Gottfried pitches story ideas, other times he helps make a story sound feasibly possible. Dr. Gottfried, we binge watchers truly thank you for the educational touch you bring to our otherwise unproductive lives. 
Send Noods. From Bua Thai.
  1. Duke Men’s Lax  vs. Loyola—Kanines in Koskinen: Come out to Koskinen field at 7pm tonight to cheer our the Blue Devils against Loyola, and bring your adorable pups! Special treats and prizes will be handed out to all dogs in attendance as well as special contests for them! Remember to bring a copy of your furry friends’ vaccinations to make sure everyone’s safe! 
  2. Hozier: Wasteland, Baby! Tour: Come out to the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday, March 16thto see Hozier play one of the first stops on their new tour! Tickets range from $35-59.50. Take me to church!
  3. Seth Meyers at the Carolina Theatre of Durham: Seth Myers with your weekend update! The comedian will be speaking at the Carolina Theatre Friday, March 23rdand you don’t want to miss it! Check out tix here.
  4. Smallpools at Motorco Music Hall: Smallpools will be performing live at Motorco this Saturday at 8pm! Come hear them play “PLEASE GOD TELL ME WE’RE DREAAMMMMIN.” We know you know the one.
  5. 2019 Craft Cider Tasting Experience: Ciders, yes please. Come out to The Glass Jug Beer Lab this Saturday from 1pm-6pm to sample and learn about all of the various ciders available in the area! The Bulkogi Truck will also be there to serve delicious Korean BBQ.
  6. Anoushka Shankar: check out former GRAMMY nominee and one of the world's best classical sitarists March 21st at the Carolina Theatre of Durham. 

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