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August 30, 2018

Another Day, Another Racial Incident
Welcome back to campus, oh and also, someone wrote the n-word on the wall of the Mary Lou Saturday. In case you’ve been living under a rock, this is NOT the first time something racist has happened at Duke in the past five years… or this year. Apparently it’s being investigated, but it’s not a great way to welcome students, especially Black students, back to campus.

Driving The Carr Off The Road
The history building on campus? Well, it turns out that the historians who have offices there know some Duke history, and they aren’t exactly thrilled with it. Carr Building on East campus, which you may know from such hits as Language 101 classes and freshman seminars, is named after a pretty disgusting person. Julian Carr was an incredibly wealthy tobacco salesman who was a big fan of the Ku Klux Klan and black people not having the right to vote. Carr also donated the land that became East campus… but um, also… the Ku Klux Klan. 

Who’s Getting Fired from the White House Now?
No, not a D-List reality T.V. star! This time, it’s Darren Beattie, a visiting instructor at Duke from last year. Beattie left Duke at the end of his contract, then went to work as speechwriter for Trump… with Stephen Miller, another… controversial...  Duke alum. But! Then he got fired earlier this month, after CNN found out he attended a conference tied to white supremacists. It seems like there might be a theme in the biggest stories this week… hmm. Also, that whole conference? He went while he was still teaching at Duke. Yikes!

Fortunately, I Keep All My Cash Buried In My Backyard
Nope, it’s not Groundhog Day! You might remember that two years ago, Duke got sued (and is still being sued) for mishandling employee retirement funds. Well! They allegedly did it again, folks. Allegedly, Duke took money employees paid into their retirement funds and used it to… pay Duke employees instead of like, investing it in the retirement funds. NOT great! We’ll see what happens in like, one to two years, because that’s how the legal system works.

You’re The Only Tennis I See!
Peruvian Duke tennis player Nicolas Alvarez will NOT return to Duke for the last year he is eligible, choosing instead to start his professional career. At the three years he’s been at Duke, Alvarez won 71 matches! Now, he’s moving on to bigger and better things, as we all someday must. If you find out how to get a job, Nico, let me know!

Sweeping Up The Competition
The amazing women of the field hockey team started their season out strong with not one, but two wins. After a smooth sailing victory against William & Mary, the No. 3 Blue Devils hit some turbulence with Liberty University’s No. 23 team. The game went into overtime tied, but three minutes in, Duke’s Margaux Paolino knocked in an iconic backhand shot.

Cut To The Feeling
Apparently our football team used to be really bad. Ten years ago, David Cutcliffe took over as head coach and things changed a lot, with Cutcliffe improving recruiting and the team’s discipline. Apparently Duke was “tired of losing.” Me too! The team’s next hurdle will be winning an ACC championship, while mine is not losing my car keys more than once per week.


Grads On Film
Do you ever say to yourself, “where’s MY representation as a Duke graduate in popular media?” Well, it turns out there are a couple of fictional Duke grads out there, including the dreamy Sam Seaborn from “The West Wing.” Most fictional Duke alums seem to be super into government or the military. Maybe the next big Duke character on TV can be a consultant, once we figure out what those people actually do all day!

I’m Going To Win the Miss Teenage Hairspray Contest!
The basketball player Alex O’Connell goes through more hairdos than a basic Duke student goes through La Croix cans. How do I know that? Blue Zone Blog Editor Derek Saul wrote about O’Connell’s iconic looks over time. And with each ‘do, we get a different Alex. We wonder what O’Connell will come up with next because you already know he isn’t sticking with his current style for too long. Perhaps a comb-over?

I Still Think The Owl Did It
Did you watch The Staircase, the Netflix documentary series about the 2001 murder of Kathleen Peterson in Durham? I did, even though it made me even more afraid to get married and to be implicated in the judicial system than I already am! Recess writer Alexandra Bateman wrote about some of the things the documentary series left out, including the fact that the editor and Michael Peterson fell in love while they were making the series about his trial for allegedly murdering his wife. Hmm!

  1. Heatwave: One of the biggest Duke concerts of the year is happening tonight! And wow, it’s really going to be true to its name with a possible high of 94 degrees today. You can’t miss it, literally, because it’s going to be on the Main Quad on West from 7:30 to 11:30. See you there!
  2. Duke vs. Army West Point football: You’ve read about Cutcliffe, now it’s time to watch him in action by supporting the football team in their first game of the season on Friday night!

  3. Food Truck Rodeo: Head over to Durham Central Park this Saturday for lunch if you miss when food trucks used to be on campus!

  4. Rally Against White Supremacy at Duke: Hey, remember the whole “Carr Building being named after a big racist” thing? On Monday night at 6, students are demonstrating against the name and white supremacy in general outside Carr on East campus.

  5. The Visible Spectrum: If you’re into experimental film, check out this series starting this Tuesday from 7-9 at the Rubenstein arts center, where multiple experimental documentaries will be shown throughout the next month.

  6. People Get Ready: Ready! Nasher’s feature gallery for the Fall semester opens on Saturday and includes works that address issues ranging from identity to social justice and environmentalism.
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