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Patron Profile

  Robert Bateman, PIC Patron, naturalist, artist, painter
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Robert Bateman - Canadian Icon

We are delighted to have Robert Bateman - naturalist, conservationist and artist - as one of our patrons. Conscious of the harm of relentless population growth on the environment, his views on ecology and conservation are captured in a collection of essays on humankind's relationship with nature.

PIC in Action

  mass of refugees in Europe
(The Italian Coastguard/Massimo Sestini)

Refugee Crisis in Europe; Addressing Growth in Canada

In response to the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe, PIC has issued a Release urging Canadian political leaders to adopt policies and to fund programs that incorporate family planning, inter alia to address overpopulation, a significant an underlying cause of the crisis. 

In July, PIC President Madeline Weld was interviewed on Frank Stanford's C-FAX 1070 morning show (at 35min:23sec), and in August, presented a paper on overpopulation at the Ecological Society of America's 100th Anniversary meeting in Baltimore, Md. 

In addition to several Letters to the Editor, Globe & Mail, an article by a PIC member living in China was published by The Hill Times.  PIC also lobbied Ontario government in support of enhanced and updated sex and reproductive education as Toronto revises its school curricula. 


Sexual Health, Rights and Education in Canada

abortion pill, RU-486, Canada
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Health Canada Approves Abortion Pill Mifepristone (RU-486)

Health Canada's recent approval of abortion pill RU-486 has been hailed by many. However, outstanding issues in distribution and roll out will continue to affect access for too many who seek it, notably First Nations women, and rural dwellers.

Family Planning and Women's Rights

  teens, teen pregnancy
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Teen Birth and Abortion Rates Plunge in Colorado

The drop in teen births and abortion rates in Colorado is being credited to a remarkable contraception program funded by reknowned US business magnate Warren Buffett.  A lesson for Canada?

Population Awareness

mass of people, crowds, overpopulation
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UN Fails to Address Challenge of Overpopulation in Final MDG Report

The United Nations' latest world population prospects shows human numbers reaching 11 billion by 2100. With a projected increase of one billion people by 2030, and with 60 percent of the world's extreme poor living in just five countries, overcoming the remaining challenges cited in the final evaluation of the Millenium Development Goals - and improving the odds of success in the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) era - will be even more difficult, given the UN's failure to address the role of overpopulation.  There is not a single issue among the sustainable development goals that would not benefit from reducing rates of population growth.

A former UK Financial Services Authority Chair asserts that the focus on the problems of aging populations in advanced economies is misguided. In fact, the dangers posed by extraordinarily high population growth rates in poorer countries is where the greatest challenge lies.
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PIC Outreach

Global Population Speak Out campaign book, Overdevelopment, Pverpopulation, Overshoot features effects of Overpopulation
As part of the Global Population Speak Out campaign, we are distributing Population Media Center's extraordinarily powerful 
Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot to Canada's major political leaders.


woman holding birth control pills
PIC's Goal: For all women to have access to safe, affordable, readily available contraception. Help make family planning an integral, significant part of Canadian aid.

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PIC is the voice of Canadians concerned with overpopulation and its environmental impact. Founded in 1992, it campaigns to increase support for reproductive health and education, especially for women and girls, and for universal, voluntary access to family planning which the UN notes "...could bring more benefits to more people at less cost than any other single technology available to the human race." 
Fact: Continued global population growth, together with overconsumption, is incompatible with a healthy, sustainable future for humanity and the environment.

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