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August 2020

How to Support Chinese Students

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Over the last few months, Chinese students have increasingly begun looking for education opportunities outside of the US. This issue of Inside China Ed takes a look at this trend, as well as some ideas for what universities can do to help accommodate Chinese students during the pandemic.


Chinese Students Look Beyond US

Chinese students are increasingly looking to countries other than the US for educational opportunities, a trend that seems to have begun before the pandemic. A mix of safety concerns and a turbulent political climate have managed to finally push the US out of its number one spot for Chinese students looking to study abroad. While the UK is becoming a more popular study abroad destination for Chinese students, this doesn’t come without some growing pains. A working paper recently conducted by the University of Manchester demonstrates a lack of understanding of Chinese students’ needs in the UK, a problem that they conclude could likely be solved by increased communication with education agencies. 


How Should Universities Respond?

In the face of all of this, many universities are asking an important question: What can universities do to help accommodate these students? Some agencies stress the importance of flexibility—especially in delayed start dates—as well as outlining an explicit plan for the 2020-2021 academic year. Two US colleges have recently announced allowing students to participate in an extra semester or two of school for free, acknowledging this year might not provide the experience students were expecting. EdAgree, a subsidiary of ETS, has also launched a series of webinars aiming to help clarify and problem solve some of the challenges the international education system is grappling with during the pandemic. This continued commitment to students and their families is at the heart of the international education system.

Our Top 5 Articles

With the many barriers Chinese students now face to studying in the US, many are adding additional countries to their application portfolio and considering options in Europe, Australia and Canada.

Agents offer some advice for universities on how to accommodate Chinese students during the pandemic.
UK working paper calls for increased communication with agents to help the UK better understand the needs of Chinese students.
Some universities are reducing tuition—or in the case of 2 colleges, offering a tuition-free semester—to encourage students to graduate.
This webinar explores some of the concerns of Chinese families as well as US universities’ response to the current pandemic.
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