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July 2021

Reforms Storm Through

Hi everyone,

Last month, we seemed to be settling down, but a whirlwind of changes has been ramping up in the background, taking many by surprise. Panicking isn’t necessary at the moment, but some backup plans are definitely needed.

Reforms in Chinese Ed

As mentioned last month, China is giving the private tutoring sector an intense makeover–converting firms to non-profit, banning foreign curricula and more. The department tasked with implementing reforms is quite high up, thus changes may happen much faster than most expect.

How will these drastic changes affect Chinese student enrollment overseas? It can either be a great push in either direction.

If the Chinese educational system is reformed to be less stressful and test-oriented, or if foreign curriculum is removed from sight, fewer students may feel the need to go overseas. However, if the new policies hinder students from the education they desire, the new policies may also push more to study abroad, and at younger ages too.


Constants in Higher Ed

On the university side of things, Asian universities are on the rise. More and more Chinese students are applying to schools closer to their home country. All hope is not lost for USA universities though.

The USA still boasts many of the best universities in the world, with features attractive to Chinese students. This can be seen from the fact that China continues to call for the U.S. to end Trump-Era visa rules for international students. Despite the ever-present and changing complications, there is still an abundance of Chinese students who wish to study in the U.S. and other countries.


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