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December 2021

Follow-Ups and More

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We were all full of uncertainties when the Chinese government first implemented its education reform policies. Now, the picture is becoming clearer as follow-up policies are pushed out.

Follow-up Reforms in Chinese Ed

As some expect, the Chinese government continues to “tighten up” on education. Last week, Harrow International School in Hainan was notified that students must be taught a Chinese curriculum in elementary school, and junior high students must pass a state-run test to graduate. A similar trend is seen in Hong Kong, as schools are required to implement more national education.

It’s still up in the air if similar policies would spread to more international schools, but some families are already considering changing their plans. Those who want to prepare their children for a Western education in international schools are not left with many options. Some are considering sending their children abroad at a younger age, while others may choose a public school education.


The Studying Abroad Trend is Still Changing

Data shows a huge decrease of international student enrollment in U.S. universities: the largest of such percentage decreases were seen in students from South Korea (-21%), China (-15%) and India (-13%). The desire of studying abroad remains in the minds of Chinese families, but a change of students’ choice occurred due to current tensions, as well as Chinese students’ realization that a foreign degree no longer guarantees a job.


Solution to the Banning of Private Tutoring

The Municipal Commission of Education put out a new plan for an online tutoring platform which includes recorded sessions by public school teachers to replace private tutoring. The goal is to further reduce pressure on students and the resource gap between the rich and poor.

How effective this plan will be remains unknown, but it may be a sign of how determined the Chinese government is to manage the education system.

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