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November 2020

US Election's Impact on Chinese Students

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In the wake of the US election, the playing field seems to shift yet again for international students. With the results of the presidential election, many are hopeful for a renewal in international engagement in the US. However, there is still work to be done to ensure that international students not only have access to education opportunities, but are also supported during their time abroad.


Creating a Welcoming Space for International Students

International students from China and East Asia are still facing increased Sinophobia in Western countries thanks to COVID, as well as the hardships associated with traveling during a pandemic. Universities are being called on to do more to create an inclusive environment for these students, from better incorporating international students into diversity committees to shutting down microaggressions within the classroom and helping to create ties within the community. With so much of their experiences tied to politics, many Chinese students and their families followed the US election closely. If international students feel unwelcome, it should be no surprise that they look elsewhere to pursue their education.


The US Election

While the UK is experiencing a record increase in international students this academic year, it’s still unclear if this trend will continue. This increase seems to be closely linked to barriers in other Western countries including increasingly strict visa policies in the US, and how COVID has been handled in various places. After his win in the US election, it’s predicted that Biden could help boost international student numbers and loosen student visa restrictions. Biden has a history of supporting international collaboration in education and the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration has already stated their intent to reduce the damage caused by the previous administration. Overall, the US election seems to have bolstered spirits and provided some relief for both students and educators.

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