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January 2022

Recap and the Future

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year! I recently saw a meme that this is season 3 of 2020. It certainly feels that way, because many of the same problems are still around. But we’re still chugging along! Different countries and institutions tried various solutions, which can be found in this review of student experience in 2021.

Societal changes in China

Changes within China are also greatly affecting study abroad choices. The Chinese birth rate has been falling steadily for the past few years and hit a record low in 2021. The stifling cost and competition of education is a major complaint, so the government has enacted various policies in response.

The long term effects are still to be seen, but this includes the crackdown on after-school tutoring and also a push for vocational schools. At least half of middle school students will be barred from academic high schools now and parents are desperately searching for alternatives. More families who can afford it are looking to emigrate and ensure a Western education for their children.


Factors in the US and beyond

The relationship between Chinese students and the US was a bit rocky last year, exacerbated by unpredictable factors, such as COVID, shootings and more. While we're quite confident that Chinese students are still looking to the West, the popular destinations may be changing.

The UK is rising in popularity partly due to the overall situation, but also due to its own assets of joint programs with Chinese institutions and other factors. Australia’s borders are now open to fully vaccinated international students and Chinese students are keen on returning to Australia—not only for university but all levels of education.

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