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Japanese morning glory is called ASAGAO in Japanese. ASAGAO means "morning face", a typical summer flower in Japan. Morning glory was known as a medicinal herb. The flower was smaller and blue, and there were not much varieties as now in red, purple and brown. Japanese used the seeds as a laxative before the Edo Period (1603-1867) During that time, people got interested in breeding morning glories and improved its color and size.
Introducing Nuido to the world
By serving a cup of tea with a concept of "the way," Sado (the way of tea/the tea ceremony) has reached the level of art. In Japan, there are other "ways" such as Kendo, Shodo, Judo, Kado, and all which have attained the height of quality by integrating techniques with the spiritual concept of "the way." Traditional Japanese Embroidery has evolved, in its thousand-year history, into The Way of Embroidery. We have emphasized the connection between the heart and the techniques. As we look toward the new millennium, we will start walking on the path of Nuido that is aimed at the integration of Nui (techniques) and Do (spirit). With our wish to unite all people in harmony, we will introduce Nuido to the world.
Nuido World Exhibition Around the World
The World Exhibition will bring the world together in peace and harmony through Nuido, The Way of Japanese Embroidery. Held by the Japanese Embroidery Center (JEC) and Kurenai-Kai Ltd, and sponsored by many corporates and funds, the event will display over 100 magnificent works embodying the tradition, skill and discipline of this ancient art. These works - created by 1000 Nuido members in 19 countries on 5 continents - will be enjoyed by thousands around the world.

Click here to view 2003 Nuido World Exhibition Video

Click here to view 2007 Nuido World Exhibition Video

2011 Nuido World Exihibition video is on its way!

Next Nuido World Exihibition will be held in 201x...

The World Nuido Collection
This 130-page-book includes outstanding embroideries created by Nuido members around the world. Highlight of this book is the Fractal Project. The Fractal Project is a collaboration piece by Nuido members all over the world. It's objective is to foster an awareness of the unity of those who inhabit our planet by encouraging them to work individually to accomplish a common goal. Comparing to the previous editions, new features are: improved layout, additional fractal projects, pictures of classes and exhibitions, diversified selections of embroidery designs, and more. Quantity is limited so please hurry!

High Quality Embroidery Supplies
We have more than 700 products in designs, tools, embroidery frames, silk threads, metallic threads, publication etc.

Benefits of JEC Members
As a member of JEC you are entitled to:
  • Nuido - Japanese Embroidery Journal (published quarterly)
  • 10% discount on most embroidery materials. Click here to know what are the items in discount price
  • Notification of class schedule
  • Priority registration for JEC classes
  • Special invitations to preview exhibitions
  • Any amount over the value of $50.00 for members per single membership is considered a donation and is fully tax deductible.
Please take a look at reviews of happy members: 
  • Great discount !

    This membership is very profitable when ordering a big quantity of supplies, even if you don't go to the courses in Atlanta.
  • Newsletter subscriptions

    I love this newsletter and love reading about everything. Thank you so much for the work and effort to put everything together.
  • Membership Benefits

    I have always enjoyed being a member of JEC. I've learned more than embroidery techniques from my teacher Tonie Evans and my interaction with JEC events. Nuido will always be a part of my life.
  • Membership (Annual)

    Very efficiently handled. Thank you.
  • Nuido Journal

Funds we receive from membership help to finance projects as diverse as public demonstrations of Japanese Embroidery, the lectures Mr. Tamura delivers to world-wide audiences, preservation of Center facilities, Young Students Class and the World Exhibition. Most Importantly, your membership will help preserve Japanese culture and ensure that Japanese Embroidery remains a vital, living tradition. In addition to helping support JEC, your membership, or that of your business or corporation, is tax-deductible.
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We Have Lowered the Price of Rare Auction Items

We are listing rare Japanese embroidery artworks which are stitched by professionals several decades ago in Japan.
Also, we added out-of-print book published in 1983 called
"Traditional Japanese Embroidery Instructions for the Basic Techniques"
Come join and bid for rare items.

*If you are a local student and wish to pickup at JEC, please let us know upon checkout.
*Please note that
a bid or commitment to buy on JEC Store is considered a contract and you're obligated to purchase the item.

Here's the procedures to participate the auction.
1. Create your account if you haven't and login to the JEC store.
2. Go to the Auction page. Choose the product you want to place your bid.
3. Scroll down and move your mouse cursor over to "Bid" button. Then you will see "Create Bid Name" and click on the button.
4. Enter your bid name and by clicking outside of the text field, you can check for the availability. Then click on "Create"
5. Place your bid amount and click on "Bid"

Auction - Eyeglass Case -Bead Embroidery
Traditional Japanese Embroidery Instructions for the Basic Techniques

Auction - Stole - Japanese Embroidery Artwork
We've lowered the initial price of this item:
Auction - Stole - Japanese Embroidery Artwork
We've lowered the initial price of this item:
Kabuki Actor by Toshusai Sharaku
Also, we will notice you when other auction products are ready.

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We kindly ask you to take few minutes to write reviews on any favorite products.
auto-reminder emails after purchases will be sent to you for quick review.
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