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Three big events at SADD

World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 2014

Speed Kills. Design Out Speeding. 

"SADD, who are part of the “Global Alliance of NGO’s advocating for Road Safety and Road Crash Victims," joins 120 other international  road safety organizations on World Day of Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims to send our thoughts to the families whose loved ones began their day like any other, never to return home. We wish them strength and courage as they struggle to come to terms with their loss. They are now all victims of road crashes, and their lives are shattered forever. SADD would like to thank the doctors, paramedics, nurses, ambulance teams, firemen, SAPS, traffic officers and others who assist to look after those injured or killed in these very preventable crashes. SADD continues its plea for legislators bring down the speed limit to 30km/h outside schools, and enforce this, and also appeals to all drivers to reduce speeds in wet weather conditions," said Ms Caro Smit.

Read the article in the local newspaper, the Witness here. We apologise for the reporter referring to 'accidents' ,despite repeated requests for the correct term 'crash', to show they care.  



SADD completes their registration

SADD has just completed their registration on to the MySchool/MyVillage/MyPlanet programme. Thank you to all who made this possible by sending in their forms. If you needed a new card, it should be on its way. If not, you can start swiping today and donating to SADD with each swipe.

If you would like to join this free fundraising programme, visit this link to get a free card.


Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015

Cycle for SADD at this iconic race

SADD will be having a team at next year's Cape Town Cycle Tour (formerly the Argus). If you would like to cycle in this landmark event that weaves it's way around the spectacular Cape Peninsula, then please contact Kristen at or 0333470103. This is an wonderful opportunity to be part of a fun team and make memories and friends.

An entry for 2015 costs R 630.00 + a minimum donation of R 1220.00= Total of R1850.00 but you can pay the R630 upfront and the balance before the end of December.

'Back a buddy' is a community fundraising website and can help you to raise funds for your entry or for SADD. Visit the site today to create a profile. 

Entry includes a sponsored shirt and you may cycle with the group, but if you are seeded in a higher group, you may cycle in that group.

Entries close on the 31st of January so hurry to book your place. 


Upcoming events

The AGM will be held on the 26th of November at the SANCA offices in Pietermaritzburg. We invite all members to attend to learn of the work SADD has accomplished in the past year.

How can you help?

Donate to SADD and help us in our work in education on road safety, awareness and support.

Visit our website for banking details

Did you know?

There is a significant rise in road fatalities over pay day weekends. This is partly due to people having extra money to spend on alcohol. More research is needed to isolate all the factors, however access to alcohol and driving to visit family and friends and to celebrate, increases the risk of crashes. 

Analysis of 2014 fatalities data indicates that fatalities on pay day weekends spike by as much as 23.6% compared to other weekends in the Western Cape.
August 2014 saw the worst weekend recorded this year in the Western Cape, with 26 fatalities over the pay day weekend starting 1st August. The following pay day weekend, which began on 29th August, saw a further 20 people killed in the Western Cape.
To avoid being in a fatal crash yourself or causing the death or injury of another person: 

  • Do not mix alcohol and road use. Driving or walking on the roads while intoxicated is a quick way to an early grave. Use public transport if you intend drinking alcohol.
  • If you are travelling in a vehicle, always wear your seatbelt, in the front and back seats – this one second step doubles your chance of surviving a crash.
  • Never exceed the speed limit.
  • Exercise extreme caution while driving during the following times:
-Friday nights, from 18:00 until midnight.
- Saturday mornings, from 06:00 until 10:00.
- Saturday nights, avoid driving completely if possible, from 18:00 until 04:00.
- Sunday afternoons, from 15:00 until 21:00.
(Source: Department of Transport, Arrive Alive)

Caro thanks the ER24 paramedic Paul Knoesen and others who helped try and save Chas's life when he was hit and killed by a drink driver in 2005.
The children wrote messages on balloons to the person they lost in a road crash. 
The special messages on the balloons. 
The children and guests threw their balloons into the sky. 
Mr Segren Pillay, Principal of Bisley Primary School; Caro Smit; Dr May Mkhize, wife of the ex-Premier of KwaZulu-Natal and Chris Ndlela, the Mayor of Msunduzi Municipality speak to the children. 
Dave Ryder, DA Ward Councillor; Charlotte Sullivan of SADD; Chris Ndlela, the Mayor of Msunduzi Municipality and Dr May Mkhize wife of the ex Premier of KwaZulu-Natal, cut the cake kindly donated by Bernie Pearce in memory of her husband, the late Dr Pearce who was a road traffic victim. 
The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims banner- kindly donated by Pastel Printers. 
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