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Buckle up to save lives!

SADD and "Safely Home", the Western Cape's Dept. of Transport's road safety campaign, would be honoured if you could work with us to highlight the importance of buckling up.

South Africa's crash statistics are frightening, not only in the number of people who are killed, but also in the high numbers who are injured or even paralyzed every year. Buckling up everyone both in the front and back of the car is the law, and also would save between 30 - 50 percent of these preventable incidents.

We would appreciate you sending us a  "selfie" of yourself/your family/colleagues/team buckled up (or who ever you want to use) with a short message that can be tweeted. If you would like to give a longer message as well, which can be used with the main line media, that would also be appreciated. Alternatively you can tweet yourself using the @SADD_SA and #SeatbeltsSept

Read more on the importance of correct child restraints for young children by clicking here.

SADD recommends The National Road Traffic Act is amended so that it is compulsory for children under three years old to be buckled up.

We encourage everyone to buckle up and tweet your picture or post it on Facebook with the #SeatBeltsSept and encourage others to follow suit.

The ten seconds it takes you to buckle up could save your life and prevent you suffering serious spinal injuries which could result in paralysis. 

Kind regards and thanks for helping us to try and achieve our "Decade of Action for Road Safety" goal of reducing our deaths by 50 percent by 2020.

SADD has also received provisional acceptance to the Myschool/MyPlanet/MyVillage programme. This programme gives you a free card which you can swipe at twelve national or local stores (including Woolworths stores, Engen stations and Waltons stores) and the store will make a donation, on your behalf, to the causes you choose at absolutely no cost to you. This is an important fundraising tool for SADD and would help the organisation to continue the work it does.
We are asking you to please fill in the application form and sent it back to SADD (click here for the form). If you do not have card, please complete the form to receive a card. There is no cost to you and you can help SADD. If you already have a Myschool card, you can still assist us as you are allowed three beneficiaries. Please could you complete the form and add SADD as a beneficiary.
Please use the full organisation name when completing the form i.e. South Africans Against Drunk Driving. Location: Pietermaritzburg, KZN.
Please send your completed form to SADD (fax to 0865 171 373 or email to as we need to send 100 forms in a batch in order to complete our registration.

How can you help?

Donate to SADD and help us in our work in education on road safety, awareness and support. You can also complete a Myschool application for SADD. See above! 

Visit our website for banking details

Did you know?

In a 50 kilometre an hour crash, a four year old weighing 20 kilograms would hit the first solid object with a force of 400 kilograms, like a small elephant! Using a properly fitted child seat or restraint can reduce fatal injuries by up to 70 percent.
- See more at Arrive Alive

A study has shown that an airbag alone is not enough to protect you in a crash. In fact, if you don't wear a seatbelt and you are in a crash in which your airbag inflates, you have a higher risk of spinal and neck injuries according to a study by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh. So don't think you are safe if you have airbags, buckle up too!

The Honourable Mayor Chris Ndlela of Msunduzi, leads the way and encourages others to do the same. 
Injured to date in 2014: 105 950
Paralyzed to date in 2014: 6 460 

Here is an example of a tweet SADD sent out yesterday, with his photo, from a Dr who works in Hospital Emergency Units.

"In HospEmergencyDepts I see many preventable injured&dead people who were not buckled up"

QASA (Quadriplegic Association of South Africa) wants to reduce its members by promoting road safety.  
SADD staffers, Charlotte Sullivan and Kristen Williams do the right thing and use a seatbelt.
A poster from Road Safety Great Britain. 
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