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SADD’s New Year Safety Wishes for 2016

We wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2016!

To those who lost loved ones or experienced serious injuries,
we send our condolences. 

SADD are very dismayed by the 14% increase in deaths and injuries, this Festive season, and humbly make the same suggestions as we made last year of proven interventions to Minister Dipuo Peters and the MEC’s in the 9 Provinces.
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SADD remembers Jake Wootton

SADD are absolutely horrified at the very lenient sentence given to Schalk Lubbe, after
he was found to be driving recklessly and negligently (and was possibly under the influence but his blood was not taken/ or taken timeously) when he killed Jake Wootton, the Head boy of Milnerton, in 2012.
A 9 month house arrest sentence was given, instead of the allowed 6 years jail sentence.

He is still allowed to attend his work, Church and Community service. This was because he was "a first offender!" Lubbe is not allowed to drink alcohol and SADD ask that he wears an ankle bracelet and is monitored by an Addiction Counsellor, who tests him regularly

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SADD ask Magistrate Mouton and other Magistrates if we are each allowed to kill 1 person on the road, before getting the 2 year Jail sentence as recommended by Ministers of Transport and Justice, Dipuo Peters and Michael Masutha.
The Ministers stated that jail sentences would help to alert drivers to the seriousness of road crimes and help reduce our unacceptably high road carnage.
SADD say #AboutTimeJailTime for all serious offenders who cause a death or serious injury on our roads."


2nd  Global High Level Ministerial Road Safety Conference in Brasilia, in November 2015

SADD presented together with other Global Alliance members under the Justice and Post-Crash Response Pillar, which was looking at Victims’ rights.
We were asking for proper crash investigations, criminal prosecution, and civil compensation for victims’ including trauma counselling are.

Due to poor staff training and being overworked, our police do not fill charge sheets correctly, and they do not secure the scene of the crash. This can lead a person who has committed a dangerous offence, like reckless and negligent driving or driving over the legal limit, getting a lighter sentence, a "Not Guilty" verdict, or the case being dropped due to lack of evidence.
This contributes towards our very low +/- 7% conviction rate.

These are some of the reasons NOT GUILTY verdicts are given:
*        Lack of evidence
*        Lack of forms filled in correctly/Lack of documentation
*        Poor Police work
*        Inadequate training of investigators
*        No, or bad post-crash investigation
*        At crash scenes: No automatic testing for alcohol/drugs
*        Lack of understanding of seriousness of road crimes, and the cost to   individuals and the fiscus 
*        Political indifference
*        Sympathy for drink drivers/reckless and negligent drivers
*        Records missing
*       Bribery……
*    Public Prosecution and Magistrates are often overworked with large caseloads. Many of them lack adequate knowledge about units of alcohol and what that comes to in blood or breath alcohol levels.
They have little knowledge about alcohol tolerance, (i.e. "practiced" or "drinking fit" alcohol dependent person can still drive - albeit dangerously) at a level that would make the ordinary man or woman either unconscious or dead! They also have little knowledge about the chances of crashes occurring at the different blood alcohol levels, etc.
Although there is lack of evidence to prove the driver as guilty in the courts, it does not take away the crime committed, neither does it make him/her innocent! 
There is a huge problem of misplaced sympathy towards the person caught and often very little thought is given to the victims of this crime.
People (including Lawyers, Magistrates, SAPS and Traffic Officers) think about how bad the person who killed him/her must feel. They consider their right for a trial and to have access to the best lawyer in town.
There is a feeling of “Shame – it could have been me or my husband who had drunk that amount and crashed or killed someone because they were reckless, so I understand how he/she feels, and I feel sorry for him/her.” 

In South Africa we often treat young people, or people with influence or money differently, or as “first time offenders" and send them on diversion programs, so that they do not get criminal records.

Research shows that first time offenders are seldom first time offenders! It is just the first time they have been caught!
With so few tests being done the chance of getting away with drink driving is very good.
These are some of the reasons why our crash and fatality and injury rates are so high, and our conviction rates are so low!


Take part in SADD's 2 main Fundraisers!
AlcoFreeFeb™ and 
Cape Town Cycle Tour/Argus 

Cape  Town Cycle Tour 
The Cape Town Cycle Tour is one of the most beautiful cycle races in the country. SADD has 30 places remaining for the SADD team.
Each entry costs R1500. This is a great way to appreciate a different perspective on Cape Town, have fun, get fit and lose weight. Donations are Tax Deductible.

Entries close on the 29th of January. 

Contact Mellisa for more info or to book a place: 084 458 2267 / 033 3470103


Every year we run a charity campaign called AlcoFreeFeb™ .
The campaign aims to create awareness of the potential dangers of excessive drinking especially when driving, to raise a voice against the horrific road crash rate in South Africa and to show support to the families who have lost a loved one or had someone close to them injured in a road crash.

We ask the public to give up alcohol for all, or at least part, of February. For non-drinkers a donation would be appreciated!

Not a day goes by without news of a road crash in South Africa, and this year's festive season road crash statistics showed that 1755 people were killed on our roads.

We all need to become more proactive towards road safety, and start saving lives.

Sign up here or contact Mellisa on: for more information.  

Did you know... 

Correct wording of   "Crashes" vs "Accidents"  & "Drink Driving" vs "Drunk Driving"  
  • Please note that the United Nations/World Health Organization have asked us/media/every one to show we care, and not  call them "accidents" but "crashes" , as there is usually a cause for the crash e.g. alcohol use then driving/walking; speeding; reckless overtaking; unroadworthy vehicles;not wearing seatbelts etc. Calling them "crashes or collisions" also displays empathy for the victims left behind.
  • In addition it is not called "drunk driving" anymore.It is  called "drink driving" internationally now, as any drink/alcohol affects driving skills, and it is not important whether the person is "drunk" or not. 

Support SADD

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Thank you to all our supporters 

Thank you to everyone who supports SADD in whatever way, whether through donating or joining the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet programme and donating for SADD when you shop or by supporting Litres for Education and donating to SADD when you fill up with petrol. 

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SADD is a proud member of the Global Alliance initiative for road safety
Jake Wootton
Caro Smit with Post-Crash care committee presenters at the Global High Level Ministerial Road Safety Conference - Brazil.
Global Road Safety advocate and #SaveKidsLives campaigner, Zondela Mandela speaks at the Conference
Caro Smit and Zoleka Mandela at the Brasilia Conference 
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